Via Westwood One Sports:

“None of it is brought on by the things I’ve said.  Again, I said last week, nothing has changed with my status of my team and my standing.  I’ve really been focused on my job.  A lot of the hype, a lot of the media speculation is just that.  It’s probably that time of year where you don’t need to focus so much on the wins and losses.  You start focusing on a lot of other things.  The media has a right to do that.  I certain don’t.  I’m focused on what I need to do this year.  We’re off to a good start.  I want to capitalize here in the second half of the year.  That’s where I am personally.”

That’s not exactly a strong denial of Adam Schefter’s “speculation.”  It sounds a lot like a guy who is open to exploring his options at the end of the season.


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