According to author and golf writer Robert Lusetich, the possibility of a second match between Woods and Mickelson could become a reality with each player having a partner this time around for the event.

Two of the possibilities for the pairings include Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Woods and Mickelson sparred off in a special event in November 2018 at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas in a winner-take-all format that was supposed to be via pay-per-view.

Technical difficulties led to the event being streamed free instead with Mickelson winning in extra holes.

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Mickelson was asked Sunday night on Twitter if he and Woods could play a match broadcast via stream to fill the void in live sports that currently exists.

Mickelson replied he was “working on it” and added “I don’t tease. I’m kinda a sure thing” when asked if it was a joke.

While no specifics were given about when, where, or how the event would occur, a non-traditional broadcast without live spectators that had participants and crew keeping sufficient distance from one another would seemingly be possible.

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