Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski Now Share the Best Personal Trainer Alex Guerrero

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski Now Share the Best Personal Trainer Alex Guerrero

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski won’t have to be looking up the best online personal trainer since they’re now officially signed to one team and the same location.  Both NFL superstars will be training with Alex Guerrero. The two recently matched up after a brief hiatus when Brady switched to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Gronk made an early retirement. But the two are back together and they’re in safe hands with Guerrero. This trainer uses strange methods that seem to work for Brady, and it will be interesting to see if Gronk gets similar results. 

A Different Kind of Fitness Training

Brady and Guerrero’s relationship started with elbow tendonitis. After three successful Super Bowl championships, Brady was feeling some pain that kept him from practice. His teammates recommended Guerrero who has a background in Chinese medicine and physical therapy. By helping Brady work through the pain by focusing on his forearms and biceps to release tension. He was amazed by Guerrero’s tact and skill in fixing his problem, and their relationship evolved to form a sports therapy center called TB12. 

The gym is next to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts and helps athletes with strength training using Guerrero’s methods. While these methods are not by any means orthodox, Brady swears by them and he thinks more players will use them in the future. Those looking for the best online personal trainer might not ever learn Guerrero’s methods, but at least Brady is confident in them. “I absolutely know 100 percent that it works, and the reality is I’m just a client who lives by the teachings,” Brady said. 

In a post by Guerrero, he happily welcomed new recruit Rob Gronkowski to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It seems that ‘Gronk’ and Brady are inseparable, and they’ll be training with Alex Guerrero for the upcoming season. However, there is much work to be done, since Gronk had a rough season and will need to be in top shape. Apparently, Guerrero’s method focuses on muscle pliability which comes as a result from deep tissue work and movement training. This is supposed to tune your body for consistent excellence. He commented on this strategy:

“People might look at Tom and think that he’s not that strong, but he’s functionally very strong. It’s not all about having the biggest muscles, especially if you’re playing quarterback. The goal is to tell your body how you want it to function,” he said. “The deep tissue work and specific movement training hardwires your body for sustained excellence.”

The Rumors Are True

Gronkowski is definitely going to have to focus on his fitness training, since the last season he played wasn’t his best. At the time, the Patriots were in trouble and desperately needed to work on their offense. Even his stats were depressing. He only had 47 catches in 682 yards and 3 touchdowns, and averaged 52.5 yards per game. However, after his retirement the Patriots really started to feel the burn, this is what caused the comeback rumors. 

However, one Instagram account by NFL Insider Leroy published a joke on their feed which is what started the rumors. In the post, the imaginary dog named Leroy said:

“Hearing a wild rumor that has serious legs. Rob Gronkowski is strongly considering returning to the NFL to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with his old teammate Tom Brady. Has been training in Florida in addition to Wrestlemania. Please credit Leroy woof woof”

But Rob didn’t completely outright deny the claims. He even graciously responded to the joke saying:

“Wow, PFT Commenter, his dog is starting some crazy rumors out there. His dog Leroy, he’s gotta keep his dog quiet!”

Both players come from different backgrounds, and with Gronk now moving into wrestling, Guerrero has a tough road ahead of him. He’ll have to get Rob into the groove of his methods, which may be way different from WWE standards. But if the training works, you’ll be seeing Alex Guerrero’s name on the best online personal trainer list.