Tom Brady received his sixth Super Bowl ring on Thursday night and celebrated the occasion by beating his center David Andrews at beer chugging.

Quarterbacks chugging beer has been hot in the streets ever since Aaron Rodgers failed to chug one during an NBA playoff game.  Since then several QBs have proven to be better at chugging beer than the Packers quarterback.

You can add Brady to that list, although this isn’t the first time he’s put his beer chugging skills on display.  Let’s hope it isn’t the last time either.

Aaron Rodgers is still sipping on that beer from the Eastern Conference Finals.  Meanwhile Brady is smashing his offensive linemen.

The Packers quarterback could use that cute little line about the QBs in the NFC North finally being better than him at something, but he can’t use that on Brady.  The Patriots quarterback is better than him at everything.

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