Tom Brady is the last player in the NFL who needs money.  In addition to earning millions with the Patriots and various endorsement deals, he’s married to one of the richest supermodels on the planet.

That didn’t keep the greatest quarterback of all-time from joking about trying to get a massive MLB contract.  He took to Twitter and responded to a tweet from Aqib Talib.

Talib posted a picture of himself throwing out a first pitch as if he was thinking about switching sports.  Brady responded to the tweet by saying he’s been trying to get the Expos on the phone for a month.   

Brady, who was drafted by the Expos out of high school back in 1995, followed his first tweet up with a picture of himself in Expos gear. 

Brady made a pretty good decision to not join the Expos and play football, although he probably would have ended his baseball career with less concussions.

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