Tom Brady is in uncharted territory and perhaps the driving force behind his record breaking longevity has been his trainer Alex Guerrero. The two were introduced in 2008 after Brady tore his ACL and have since become best friends and business partners. Brady attributes his athletic longevity to Guerrero, who serves as trainer, massage therapist, counselor, and nutritionist. With the Brady entering his unprecedented 23rd NFL season, 14 of those spent with Guerrero, one can assume there is some magic in his methods.

After battling through multiple injuries that derailed his football career at Boston College Dennis McCarthy was also introduced to Alex Guerrero, founder of TB12, by a mutual friend. The 6’6″ 245 lb Boston native was completing graduate school at BC and signing an Arena Football contract when injury sidelined him once again. 


Guerrero, Tom Brady’s best friend and personal body coach invited McCarthy to work out with a group of New England Patriots players. Alex and Tom were impressed and offered McCarthy the opportunity to train with their NFL group free of charge. McCarthy dropped the heavy lifting for explosive movements and upgraded his nutrition unlocking another level of athleticism, and since then Guerrero’s methods have kept him injury free

It wasn’t long before coaches invited McCarthy to attend New England Patriots practice. In the off-season you would often see Brady along with Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski practicing with McCarthy at the Boston College football facility. As Brady and Guerrero chase their sustained peak performance in Tampa Bay, McCarthy uses their principles to further his own professional football dream back home in New England.

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