New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft is back in Boston only a few days after he was spotted at a Pre Oscar party in Los Angeles. 

He and his #1 player, Tom Brady, were seen flying together on a private plane that arrived in Boston today. 


Tom Brady and Gisele are standing by Robert Kraft in the wake of his prostitution scandal — with Tom hugging his boss Monday morning after flying with him on a private jet from L.A. to Boston. Tom, Gisele and Robert were all spotted getting off the same private jet at an airport in Boston early Monday … all of the celebrity passengers smiling after the 5 to 6-hour flight. 

Kraft has been charged with soliciting prostitution at Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupter, Fla. The New England Patriots owner is one of many being eyed in a South Florida prostitution and human trafficking ring. 

An arrest warrant soon will be issued for the 77-year-old Kraft, who categorically denies the allegations.

Hopefully Tom gave him some comfort. 

You know these guys are all about kisses. 

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