Patriots quarterback Tom Brady took to social media on Thursday night to wish the Ryder Cup teams good luck and sportsmanship.  He’s a big golf fan and will be watching some of the best golfers in the world compete.

Let’s Go USA!!! On the eve of the Ryder Cup, I wanted to wish both teams good luck and sportsmanship in the competition. I have loved golf since my dad/mom and I got to spend time on the golf course together starting at 3 years old. And I have had so many incredible experiences with family and friends, from St. Andrews in Scotland, to Pebble Beach in CA enjoying such a great game! This bag was a gift from the 2016 USA team after winning back the cup in a historic way. I can’t wait to watch the best players in the world competing in the morning! #usabyamillion . Photo cred. @gisele

This is how you ensure you receive a gift if the U.S. team wins.  Brady, like the rest of us, likes free stuff.  Especially one of a kind free stuff.