New England Patriots superstar QB Tom Brady is the GOAT, but apparently he has a bunch of nicknames. Here at, we mostly call him Tom Terrific, but according to Pro-Football Reference, he has a whole slew of monikers. 

The Pharaoh was one I was unfamiliar with,  and thanks to former Patriots linebacker Takeo Spikes, we have a origin story from 2014 about this particular nickname. 

“I feel like there’s levels to this game, and he’s achieved the maximum of them all,” Spikes said, via the Boston Herald. “I mean, what do you want? You’ve got a beautiful wife, a beautiful family. He’s one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. He’s got the rings that prove it. He’s got the MVPs. What more could you achieve at this level? I just feel like he’s in a league of his own. He’s still going. I always admired him because of the edge he had each and every year coming into the season. He always would tell me, ‘Hey B, they drafted me in the (sixth) round, man.’ That was a long time ago, and he’s still got that fire burning in him. As a player, you’ve got to respect that man.”

Not so sure that makes any sense, and I haven’t heard anyone refer to him as the Pharaoh since. How about we just call him Gisele’s better half?