Defeated interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson has made light of the pain he suffered at UFC 249, dancing with a hospital stand after his 12-match winning streak came to a punishing end with a surprise loss to Justin Gaethje.

Statistics from the interim lightweight title showdown on Saturday have shown that Ferguson took 143 significant strikes during his  defeat to Gaethje, receiving hospital treatment as a precautionary measure after absorbing 100 shots to his head.

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Ferguson’s face looked badly swollen from that barrage of blows during little more than 20 minutes in the octagon, including cuts around both eyes, damage to his right cheek and a broken orbital bone around his left eye.

Grabbing a pole next to his bed in the Jacksonville hospital, El Cucuy seemed to be in high spirits about the prospect of returning home and spending Mother’s Day in the US with his family, including wife Cristina Ferguson, who he posed with in his first sighting since Saturday’s scrap with Gaethje.

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