In an interview with French outlet L’Expresso, former Spurs guard Tony Parker revealed the reason he left San Antonio for the Charlotte Hornets.  The 36-year-old says it wasn’t about the money.  

Via News 4 San Antonio:

The Spurs offered me the same thing (contractually) as Charlotte, but it was more about the role. It was not a question of money. And it’s important that people know this, because there are a lot of people who were “angry” at the Spurs, thinking the franchise had not offered me anything. Yes, they offered me something similar, but I did not want to finish assistant-coach. And that was the role they offered me, when I wanted to play.

You can’t blame him for still wanting to play.  Sure he isn’t the Tony Parker of old, but he’s still got enough left for a couple of more seasons.  If Gregg Popovich is still coaching in San Antonio when Parker finally hangs them up, maybe then he can go learn how to be an assistant coach.