For football sport, of course, running fast is an extremely necessary and very beneficial element in this football. And right below this article. Ca do the thao will share to you a list of 10 names of players who have the ability to run extremely well on the field that they will probably become athletic superstars if not according to their football career.

Ronaldo the fastest player in the world today

Cristiano Ronaldo is famous for his incredible speed and speed, a weapon that scares the opponent even when the ball is in his foot.

So let’s go with to find the legs that can make opponents like CR7 through the article right below!

Ronaldo’s running speed

In Portugal’s match against Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo successfully broke the record of the Robben player and to become the fastest player in the world even though this year he has reached the age of 33.

More specifically, in this match in the 22nd minute, the Spanish team enjoyed a corner, shortly after, Portugal broke and Ronaldo was volleyed up by the team and broke before the goal. by De Gea.

And according to the official record, the speed of the footballer Ronaldo is exactly 38.6 km / h at the time, and at the moment he ranks in the Top 1 of the top 10 fastest players in the world.

Top 10 fastest players in the world not to mention Cristiano Ronaldo?

According to the above assessment and the final conclusion is made, the world football player Cristiano Ronaldo is also in the top 10 fastest players in the world so far, so 9 players have Who is the fastest speed in the world? Let’s find out about these names in the following article.

Lionel Messi 32.5 km / h

This football superstar does not possess a fast running speed but he still makes the team’s defenders breathe in smoke by his ability to sprint extremely short distances, and his achievement helped him contribute. in the top 10 fastest players in the world.

Theo Walcott 32.7 km / h

Walcott player’s running record was set while he was playing for Arsenal. However, after many years of continuous injuries, the speed prodigy of this football prodigy has also made him increasingly lost and is not mentioned much in world football sport anymore.

Aaron Lennon 33.8 km / h

The peak of Aaron Lennon was when he was wearing Tottenham’s shirt, Lennon seemed to be considered the number one running machine of the foggy country and he could finish 36 meters in just under the 4 seconds only. 

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 34.6 km / h

The achievement of the best player with golden feet Aubameyang was set when he was playing in Dortmund’s shirt. And since the day he joined Arsenal, Aubameyang has also given England the speed to see her with his excellence and advantage.

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Antonio Valencia 35.1 km / h

In the derby against England in the 2012-2013 season, the player Antonio Valencia made a quick break to turn the two players on the Liverpool team into a farce. With his extremely fast speed of up to 35.1 km / h at that time, the Ecuadorian star player used to be the Fastest Player on the planet.

Jurgen Damn 35.2 km / h

The 1992 midfielder emerged with the nickname as the leading “treadmill” of football sport at an unbelievable speed. This player has even been compared to Gareth Bale. However, last season, when he was playing in Tigres UANL’s shirt, he only had 7 assists with a few minutes of playing.

Orlando Berrio 36 km / h

Formerly an unnamed winger of the Flamengo team, this player has made a special and extremely impressive impression with the ability to accelerate incredibly. He can complete more than 15 meters in just under 2 seconds in the match against the team San Lorenzo last year.

Gareth Bale 36.9 km / h

A terrifying sprint of Gareth Bale in the King’s Cup final with Barcelona team in 2014 and the record that went into the history of El Clasico, his performance turned midfielder Marc Bartra becomes a reluctant clown.

Arjen Robben 37 km / h

In the extremely successful match with the score 5 – 1 of the Netherlands against the Spanish team in Group B of the 2014 World Cup, Robben speeded and surpassed Ramos and the defense. of Gaur to shoot Casillas’ net. Most recently, however, this record has been broken by Cristiano Ronaldo and relegated to second place among the top 10 fastest players in the world.

This is our share of the fastest players in the world. Hopefully, with the article “Top 10 Fastest Players in the World: Without Cristiano Ronaldo” readers will gain useful knowledge for themselves.