Baseball is normally a calm game with dramatic moments that keeps us on our toes. If you watch a game live, you will always remember the skill and unimaginable extremes these athletes accomplish.

Sometimes the catches or home runs are so extraordinary that even the MLB odds change to match the new intensity of the game.

It’s moments like these that we want to share with you today.

1. Ruth Calling The Shot

We cannot start this list without mentioning Babe Ruth. Although there were multiple times where Ruth stole the show, we are starting this epic list with the 1932 game against the Cubs. Yankee player, Babe Ruth, stepped onto the box and pointed out into the field.

Some say he pointed at Root (another player), others say he pointed towards the center field. He then hit the shot and it went in the direction of his finger. The precision of his hit was jaw-dropping and ignited an argument for decades. Did he call the shot?

2. Drunken Pitcher Strikes Out Hall Of Famer

Grover Cleveland Alexander denied he was drunk, but in the Yankees vs Cardinals game, there was something off about this player.

The 39-year-old was playing a perfect series, and on this day he was celebrating too early. He was called to the pitch and nudged by his teammate to wake up. Walking as straight as he could, Alexander lined up against Lazzeri and kept the batter waiting.

Despite the wobble of a drunken man, he pitched a scoreless inning, forcing the Hall of Famer to admit defeat.

3. Kirby Puckett And His Consistent Run

In 1991, Puckett was struggling to run the plates. He started the World Series with 3 for 18 innings in his first 5 games.

He was due a change and needed it too if he wanted to stay in the games. The 6th game came along and he needed to win every inning to even out his scores, and that he did. In a game of constant achievement, Pucket played as if his career depended on it.

4. Baseball Took A Step Towards Equality

In 1975, the legendary Frank Robinson became the first black manager for a baseball team. 

Robinson was near the end of his playing career when The Indians called him asking to play for the team. But the play came with a caveat, they wanted him to manage too.

His first inning for a manager and player was like a celebration. He hit a home run, leading the team to a 5 – 3 victory against the Yankees.

5. The Miracle Mets

If we didn’t talk about the Miracle Mets in this list, then something would be wrong. For the first few years of their creation, the Mets were a laughing stock. They lost year after year and became the clown of the competition. 

In 1969, 8 years after its creation, the club took a turn for the better. Having lost just one game, they not only reached the World Series, they won it!

6. The Brooklyn Dodgers Taste Victory

Just like the Miracle Mets, the Brooklyn Dodgers were never one to win. But in 1955, new pitcher Johnny Podres changed everything.

The rookie pitcher held the team together, and with his fresh blood, the Dodgers won their first and only World Series championship.

7. 30 Wins With Two Homers

Denny McClain made history in 1968. The day was electric and it seemed like the whole of Detroit knew that something was about to happen. The stadium was packed and thousands surrounded the teams. 

Reggie Jackson was the reason behind McClain’s 30th win, as he created two homers in the bottom of the night. As he walked across the field, McClain was cheering at the base. He was the only person to win over 30 games in 34 years.

8. The First-Ever Night Time Game

Baseball is a romantic sport, and there is nothing more soul-yearning than playing among the stars.

On May the 24th 1935, the first-ever official game was played at night. Normally around 2,000 fans should show for the Reds at Crosley Field, but that night over 20,000 fans showed up.

The electricity on the field was magnetic, creating a night of true magic.

9. Harvey Haddix Pitched The Perfect Game And Loses

In a game like no other Harvey Haddix, pitched perfectly. In the 12th inning, no one had scored. There were no hits, no runs, and no walks. 

It was May 26, 1959, and it seemed like no one could get past Haddix. The last batter came up, Hank Aaron. Haddix trid one more time to strike out a player, but this time failed. Aaron hit, and the ball went flying. He got a home run.

And just like that Haddix lost his perfect match.

10. A Cracked Bat

The Yankee and the Red Sox were in a rivalry of the century. The batters became so frustrated with each other, that the bat splintered in the game. The 1978 game had to be paused as Bucky Dent cracked his bat mid-play.


Major League Baseball has had some amazing games, but the real drama happened in the season of the previous century.