The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a popular basketball men’s league that comprises 30 teams from North America. It has a well-decorated court that resembles popular casinos in Las Vegas. The basketball tournament has many legends including Bill Russell, Charles Barkley, Julius Erving, and Michael Jordan. Betway offers a variety of betting options for each NBA game. In this post, we discuss three NBA stars who are notorious gamblers.

  1. Charles Barkley 

Charles often visits Las Vegas casinos to play slots and other online games. He won many awards during his basketball career including the All-Star MVP in 1991, and the Most Valuable Player in 1993. The former Phoenix Suns forward is among the 50 greatest NBA players in history.

Charles has been successful in gambling as he was in basketball. He revealed in an interview in 2006 that he had incurred huge loses in his casino visits. The former NBA player has lost close to $10m so far. He likes playing online roulette and other table games.

In 2007, Charles predicted that the Indianapolis Colts would win the Super Bowl XLI. He won $700,000 from the bet. The basketball star is one of the 3 notorious gamblers of the NBA who place huge stakes. He has faced many challenges in gambling. For example, the Wynn Casino sued him for failing to honor wagers worth $400,000. He likes playing $20,000 a hand. He once lost $2.5 million in a blackjack game.

  1. Allen Iverson

Allen is an NBA star who played as a point guard and shooting guard. He won several titles including the 2001 and 2005 All-Star game MVP award, the 2001 NBA Most Valuable Player and the 1997 NBA Rookies of the Year. He played in the basketball league for 14 seasons.

Allen has had alcohol and gambling-related scandals despite having a successful sports career. He likes playing blackjack and poker. Atlantic City and Detroit banned him for not honoring bets. He earned more than $200 million in the NBA. Unfortunately, the former player lives from hand to mouth now.

  1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jeffrey is a 56-year-old former NBA player who won the Charlotte Hornets. He won 6 NBA championships, 5 NBA MVP awards, 14 NBA All-Star awards, and the 1989 IBM award during his 15 years career at the NBA. He frequently visits high-end casinos in the Atlantic City. Michael is both a successful gambler and owner of a top NBA team. He places huge stakes on different games. Unlike other celebrities, Jordan bets on unpopular sports events.

A close friend of Michael revealed that the NBA star lost a $1m golf bet they had placed. He is inexperienced in other sports. Jordan won a huge payout in a bet he had placed with Richard Hamilton. Richard rushed to a nearby buy to withdraw some money to settle the debt. Michael didn’t disclose to his friends how much he had staked in the bet.

People from different professions and cultures take part in sports gambling. Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Allen Iverson are renowned athletes who love gambling. Michael likes betting in Atlantic City and Las Vegas casinos. Some players use Betway to place live bets. They make huge profits from major games.