As NFL season gets off to a cracking start, plenty of sports fans have been placing their bets on who will win each match. However, simply betting on your favourite team might not be enough to win. Many bettors are turning to sites like for odds and analysis to help them make the best bet possible. Things can change relatively quick in the world of football, so you need to be paying close attention to every single game. So, if you want to know who’s doing the best so far this season, keep reading and discover the top 4 inform teams! 

  • Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are going into their next few games on a high after beating the Kansas City Chiefs 24-20. Their record is currently at 5-1, showing that again, they’re always a top team. Quarterback Josh Allen is showing just how skilful a player he is too, after throwing 329 yards and scoring 3 touchdowns already! Statistics show that he managed to complete 16 out of 20 attempts for a 229 yards and three touchdowns. So, whoever they play against needs to keep a keen eye on Allen that’s for sure. With such a strong team this season, it seems that the Bills are unstoppable and are heading straight for the top. They’re due to play against the Green bay Packers on Halloween, so we can only hope for a devilishly good game, and of course, the Bills are the favourite to win. 

  • Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are another heavy hitter team in the NFL, which is why they’re second on this list. On October 23, the Chiefs will take on the 49ers in what will look like a rematch of the Super Bowl 54. The Chiefs have odds of 4-2, showing that again, they could have what it takes to become the victors. The Chiefs have the amazing quarterback Patrick Mahomes again, who helped bring them to victory against the 49ers back in 2019. He’s also helped them fight back against other strong competitors like the Bills and the Colts. So, as usual, the Kansas City Chiefs are one to keep an eye on.

  • Philadelphia Eagles

Just the other day, the Philadelphia Eagles managed to secure a win over the Dallas Cowboys, showing that they’re back at the top of their game. Their long standing rivalry was what made this game all the more nail biting, with fans not knowing which way the game was going to go. Some are even going as far as to say that the Eagles are the best team this season so far and shouldn’t be underestimated. The Eagles have managed to win against some of the best teams out there, and easily beat the Vikings when they were playing at the top of their game. Their next game is due on the October 30, and they’ll be facing up against the Pittsburgh Steelers, so who knows which direction that game will go in! All we do know is that the Eagles are back with a bang and should be soaring high this season.

  • Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are always going to be in the top 4 teams of the NFL, and it’s easy to see why. Their next game is against the Cleveland Browns on October 23, and they should be going in strong. They’ve just managed to beat the Patriots after all, so that has got to be a confidence booster. This match will be an AFC North rivalry, so we can expect to see the Ravens really pushing to beat their opponents. So far, the Ravens are 3-3, and have been a joy to watch since the beginning of the season. The Ravens also have cause to celebrate as they’ve just managed to bring back DeSean Jackson after he resigned with them after being a free agent previously. This veteran player is said to be super speedy, which is exactly what a wide receiver needs to be. After losing Rashod Bateman to injury, the Raven’s future for WR was uncertain. But the news of Jackson returning was everything they could have hoped for and more. So, hopefully we’ll see a brilliant few games from the Ravens this season, and they could go all the way to the top! 

This NFL seasons is going to be an exciting one, and maybe a team outside of these top 4 can take home the trophy. The Buffalo Bills are the current favourites to win, but with how the other teams have been playing recently, we might see a surprising victory. So, be sure to watch each game and see if you can predict who will be the champions this season. It might just be one of the underdogs!