Since the invention of slot machines, the game has changed in revolutionary ways. Today, avid slot players are always looking forward to something new to spice up their game time. Something even more noteworthy is how sports-themed reels are becoming commonplace in most online casinos. If you have had a chance to play boxing-themed slots or football-themed variants, it is that time you tested your skills with basketball slots. In the United States, France, Canada, South Africa, Australia, the Philippines, and Serbia, where basketball is very popular, basketball-themed casino games are notwithstanding sought-after by the game lovers. But are they easy to play? 

Well, for someone looking to play basketball slots for the first time, there are pros and cons. Not every game is easy. Therefore, you should start with beginner games before moving to advanced slots. Moreover, choosing an ideal game means you must factor the vital features of a basketball-themed machine game. Paylines, reels, bonus games, scatter symbols all play significance when choosing the best game on offer. Punters should sign up with a bookmaker that has the best basketball slots. For a start, read this  ZAR casino review 2022 before signing up with one of the best casino websites in South Africa. 

Sport as One of the Most Popular Themes in Online Casinos

Every year, stats have proved that basketball remains one of the most popular sports in the world. On the other hand, slots rank high among the most sought-after casino games. Therefore, having experience of both worlds would be unforgettable. If you thought fruit machine games are here to stay, it is not business as usual. Sports themed games are becoming the new normal in online casinos. And if you have been asking questions about popular basketball slots, here is a quick review of popular options. 


Most gamblers in the US who love playing sports-themed slots must have had a taste of Basketbull. The basketball-themed slot is developed by Real Time Gaming. For a novice, identifying the game on your favorite casino may be a little difficult because it does feature animals instead of basketball players/props. 

While Basketbull is an elementary level game, it has some exciting features to pump up your adrenaline. The developer gives it an RTP of 95% hence one of the highest paying sports themed slots. Other notable features on the reels are 25 paylines and 5 reels. Basketbull is a progressive slot that has a bonus play of up 96 free spins and scatter symbols. A maximum payout of $50,000 awaits anyone who gets it right on the reels. Apollo Slots casino offers Basketbull on its website with an exciting payout.

Basketball Star

Basketball Star slot quenches your thirst for sports themed machine games most spectacularly. Microgaming, a game developer, known for excellence, is the brainchild Basketball Star. Having many ways to win is something that Microgaming considered when developing the game because apart from 5 reels, it has 243 paylines. The payline is extraordinary, right? Moreover, the popular rolling reels jest up your game time in this game. It has a wild symbol, a bonus spin, a scatter symbol, and a multiplier. The RTP for Basketball Star is 96.52%. 

Basketball Game

Evoplay Entertainment enjoys a phenomenal global market reach in the game development enterprise. The company’s sports-themed slots, such as the Basketball Game, add to an already rich collection of high-tech games in the 21st Century. While an RTP of 94.8% does not compare favorably with the above slots, the game ranks high among top line basketball-themed slots in top online casinos. 

Basketball Game is a video slot that packs exciting features such as wilds, scatters, 8 free spins, and a re-spin to increase your winning chances. A mini-game is triggered by a spin wheel to cushion players against severe losses or double winnings. Evoplay paid attention to immersive graphics when developing Basketball Game to give gamblers a real experience on the reels.

Street Basketball

Street Basketball is a basketball-themed slot that takes away basketball stars from your books yet takes your breath away. The game is curved straight from New York streets and parks where the sport is born. Gameplay Interactive wanted to give lovers of the game something extraordinary on the reels when developing this game. 

A quick web search shows that the Street Basketball slot is available in several online casinos. But before you can learn to cope with the high-octane experience that comes with playing Street Basketball, consider the 25 paylines for real money wagering. Moreover, you can take advantage of 10 free spins to double your winnings. A wild symbol triggers a re-spin feature on the reels. 

Slam Funk Scratch Card Slots

Microgaming is unquestionably a top casino game developer. The company’s game portfolio includes Slam Funk scratch card slots that reek of excellence. Slam Funk has an RTP of 96%, which augers well with a maximum payout of up to €2500. The maximum bet is €10.00, and a minimum wagering amount of €0.50 favors low rollers. The game’s soundtrack set in the ‘80s takes tension away from the reels. Slam Funk also features excellent graphics that load seamlessly for uninterrupted game time.  

Interestingly, Slam Funk lacks a predetermined payline. Instead, players make use of advantage multipliers to bet on a high winning combination. There are no free spins, a bonus wheel, or wild symbols. You only need to make use of the multipliers with three symbols on the reels to win. 


The development of sports-themed slots proves that the casino gaming world continues to evolve in many sweeping ways. Basketball-themed slots are especially irresistible nowadays. And with so many variants in leading casinos, you should always check out everything on the list to make the right selection. Moreover, winnings that players get from playing a sport-themed slot is equally an important consideration. And for the basketball lover, news of Milwaukee’s Eric Bledsoe testing positive for COVID-19 is a huge setback to his team. The player’s absence for at least two weeks could be a serious undoing to his team’s winning chances.