Currently, there are many eSports tournaments and leagues during the year, which manage to attract a large number of spectators. Here we want to focus only on the ones that have the highest level of importance and the biggest prize pool. Therefore, below you will find top 5 events that are being talked about the most in 2022.

The International XI

It is undoubtedly one of the largest eSports tournaments from the point of view of prizes and audience. Organized by Valve, this championship has commented itself as one of the best titles since 2011.

It is a unique invitation tournament where 18 teams have the opportunity to receive a call. Players must fight at the Dota Pro Circuit or in the regional tournaments to get an invitation to The International.

This best-known circuit of Dota 2 will also be present in 2022. The event set the precedent of being the one that has given the most expensive prizes, and it is not surprising that the teams are waiting for the season. Also, this tournament opens up a great variety of wagers for betting enthusiasts. Therefore, if you fancy making money betting on this game, familiarize yourself with available dota2bets.

Here is more information about The International XI:

  • Dates: Oct 9, 2022 – Oct 19, 2022
  • Location: Singapore
  • The International XI prize pool: $45,000,000
  • Total prize pool from 2011 to 2021: $180,770,000

CS:GO Major 2022

Introduced in 2013, CS Major Championship: GO is one of the most prestigious tournaments supported by Valve. The event has 24 teams combating each other for the first prize. The Astralis team is the current champion of the Majors, having won the last three tournaments. 

In 2021, the prize pool for this championship was $2,000,000. Сurrently, in 2022, players compete for the prize of $1,000,000 in May. People who wish to watch the tournament online can enjoy its broadcast through Twitch.

Here is more information about the CS:GO Major Championship:

  • Dates: May 9, 2022 – May 22, 2022
  • Location: Belgium
  • The CS:GO Major 2022 prize pool: $1,000,000
  • Total prize pool from 2013 to 2021: $15,750,000

The Overwatch World Cup

The OWWC is an annual eSports tournament organized by Blizzard Entertainment, the developer supervision. This event begins with a preliminary stage, where national teams fight for the five places in the group stages. The latter also includes five qualification spots based on the teams’ average skill rating. Then, the strongest teams are divided into groups for fighting at the BlizzCon event in Anaheim.

This game has a great appeal since its fans can choose the coaches of their respective teams. The participation of fans in the selection of the lineup is undoubtedly a great way to attract the fan base to the event. In the past, this event has attracted more than 300,000 spectators.

The 2019 OWWC competitive season featured the highest prize pool of $9,590,000. With regard to the prize pool, the U.S. team won the event and took home $90,000. The 2022 World Cup is scheduled for November, but the accumulated prize has not yet been officially announced.

Here is more information about the Overwatch World Cup 2022:

  • Dates: November, 2022
  • Location: BlizzCon in Anaheim, California
  • The Overwatch World Cup 2022 prize pool: TBD 
  • Total prize pool from 2016 to 2021: $31,360,000

LoL World Championship 

Operated by Riot Games, this сhampionship was launched in 2011 and is one of the largest and most popular tournaments in the world.

This championship edition is known for its intense and dramatic matches, and the competition becomes emotional for both players and fans. In 2017, a huge increase in the total prize pool in this tournament became possible thanks to the contribution of the fans. They were allowed to buy in-game items. As a result, in 2018, the accumulated prize increased to $6,450,000! The Invictus Gaming team took first place and won $2,400,000 of the accumulated prize.

The 2021 championships recently concluded in Iceland saw the winner take home $2,225,000. This year’s prize pool has not yet been announced.

Here is more information about the tournament:

  • Dates: October, 2022
  • Location: North America
  • The LoL World Championship 2022 prize pool: TBD 
  • Total prize pool from 2016 to 2021: $31,500,000

Electronic Sport League

The ESL is a conglomerate of different eSports teams that belong to and operate under the same name. The tournament is played in three main divisions, including:

  • ESL National Championship: classification tournament limited by geographical location.
  • ESL Pro Tour: a circuit event with such three titles as CS: GO, Warcraft III and Starcraft II.
  • ESL One: tournament among the best Dota 2 teams around the globe.

Of all ESL tournaments, ESL One Series has the highest cash prize, with more than $12,500,000 distributed in more than 60 tournaments. Recently, ESL One tournament 2022 took place in Stockholm from May 12 to 22. The OG team won the Dota Pro Circuit season this year and took home $200,000.

Here is more information about the ESL One Stockholm 2022:

  • Dates: May 12, 2022 – May 22, 2022
  • Location: Stockholm
  • The ESL One Stockholm 2022 prize pool: $500,000