As thrilling as it can be, the life-risks in the dirt biking sport can’t be ignored. Often, dirt-bike accidents can be serious, and having a quality protective gear in place can help minimize the damage. 

Having said that, with several options in the market, choosing the most important ones can be overwhelming. So, we’ve listed down five most important dirt bike protective gear that you can’t ignore. 


Okay, you’re an adrenaline junkie. You will face many crashes during dirt biking, and you don’t want to regret it at that moment for not investing enough in a good helmet. 

For starters, a good helmet comes with robust ventilation systems that let you breathe properly on hot days when things get rough. 

But this is not it. There are plenty of other benefits which are discussed below. 

Also, avoid purchasing cheap brands because they can become a difference of life and death. The factors listed below will help you pick the right helmet. 

  • Fit: It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. The top of the eye-port should be just above your eyebrows. Refer to the size chart. 
  • Construction: Carbon Fibre helmets are the strongest. Another good option can be Fiberglass.
  • Ventilation: Vents should be on the chin guard to properly ventilate your mouth and nose. Other places can be eye-port, crown, and back. 
  • Aesthetics: You can go for various patterns, colors, or motocross aesthetics. 
  • Certifications: Helmets, which are DOT, ECE 22.05, or Snell Certified, guarantee excellent performance.

Fox helmets arrive in a variety of stylish, feature-packed, and durable helmets. 


Dirt Bike Goggles are important as they protect your eyes from debris, dirt, twigs, flies, and other elements. Always look for Goggles with the below features: 

  • Lenses: Clear lenses are ideal for low-light riding, while Grey/smoke lenses are suitable for direct sunlight. 
  • Frames: Go with polyurethane framed Goggles as they are designed with maximum comfort and flexibility. 
  • Size: Go with Large or Broad lenses as they expand your vision. Make sure they fit in with your helmet. 
  • Foam: Look for foam with multiple-layers so it won’t deteriorate quickly and will last long. 

Chest Protector

Your chest area is as important as your head. A good chest protector provides high-quality foam padding that minimizes the potential injury risks to your rib cage and other vital organs during a crash. 


Gloves help you maintain a good grip (and control) on your bike. If they become slippery with sweat while racing, it will increase the chances of an accident. 

Look for these factors while purchasing gloves:

  • Size: Should strap your arms tightly and provide friction. Refer a size chart and buy a pair that best fits your arms, wrists, and fingers. 
  • Protection: Go with Steel or Thick-Rubber Gloves for outer material. Silicone rollover tips and TPU reinforcements are other good factors to look for.
  • Construction: Look for perforations on the upper layer. Pre-curved shaped gloves reduce fatigue and enhance performance. 


Would you risk your feet and ankles with sharp turns and flying debris on off-road-biking with your normal boots? 

Dirt bike boots are created specifically for rough conditions while riding, and it’s non-negotiable not to invest in a good pair. 

Look for these factors before picking the right pair:

  • Riding Style: Choose boots with Steel Shanks that will keep your feet in place during an impact.
  • Buckle System: Alloy and Plastic Compound Buckles work best. A snap-lock design will be an added advantage if that’s in your budget.
  • Safety measures: Look for Boots with TPU panels that provide good ankle protection

Wrapping Up

Crashes are inevitable during dirt biking. Having protective gear like those mentioned in this article will ensure you enjoy the sport without any injury.