The NBA is one of the most watched and the most highly anticipated tournament in the
world. It is also one such tournament that has some of the highest paid personnel in the
world. We know all the top NBA players by heart. However, do we really know the people
who bring to us the stories about these famous players? The writers and journalists who cover
the NBA can actually write a research paper. Write about them if you too have a strong
passion to explore.

However, in order to know who these people are that make the NBA post-match and pre-
match analysis better, we have a list of the top 5 most talented NBA writers and journalists to
refer to.

1. Jason Whitlock:

Jason Whitlock is a sports journalist who works for Fox Sports. He is one of the most
known faces who cover the NBA year after year. He has his own sports show called
Speak for Yourself which he hosts along with Marcellus Whiley. He earlier worked
with ESPN before leaving it for AOL Sports. He has had his fair share of
controversies as well. The win of the Knicks over the Los Angeles Lakers in 2012
was one such incident. He also hosted the Jason Whitlock’s Neighbourhood on Sports Radio 810 WHB.

2. Rob Parker:

Rob Parker is one of the most popular American sports anchors. He hosts news which
airs on the TV20 Detroit. He also provides insights to many sports shows. He has also
worked as a sports columnist for ESPN’s First Take and Detroit News. He also has his
share of controversies for his comments on Robert Griffin, the third.

3. Skip Bayless:

Skip Bayless figures on most lists for the best sports anchor and journalist for
covering the NBA. He is famous all over the United States of America for his work as
a commentator on First Take, one of the flagships on ESPN2. He used to host the
show along with Stephen A. Smith before leaving in June 2016. He started working
on a new sports show on Fox Sports from September 2016 which is called Ship and
Shannon: Undisputed alongside Shannon Sharpe.

4. Collin Cowherd:

Collin Murray Cowherd is a well-known face in America especially when it comes to
sports journalism. NBA is one of his specialties, and he has anchored and hosted a
number of sports shows for Fox Sports. He started off as a sports director for Las
Vegas-based television station called KVBC and later joined ESPN. His statements
about baseball players from the Dominican Republic had sparked some serious

5. Stephen A Smith:

Not only is Stephen Anthony Smith a popular sports television persona, but he is also
a sports radio host, a sports journalist and most interestingly, an actor. He is working
as a commentator for ESPN First Take and also works as an analyst for the NBA on
SportsCenter and NBA Countdown. Without his name, any list of the best NBA
sports journalist would definitely be incomplete.

Thus, now that you know some of the biggest names when it comes to NBA sports
journalism and television. We assume you must have read or at least skimmed through one of
the paper written by these eminent people on their success and failures. If you haven’t, it
could be a great idea to take it as a mini project for your college assignment and then explore
more about them.! So, go and have a look. For sure, the sports fan and the NBA fan in you
will not be disappointed with the research you will come up with.