With each passing day, rising myths and misconceptions about online gambling never cease. Most are a result of a lack of a deeper understanding of online casinos. Others are from people who detest online gambling. There’re a lot of fallacies concerning online gambling, some of which are untrue. Below are some truths about online gambling myths that you ought to know

1. Online gambling is illegal

Here’s a widespread misconception about online casinos. The majority of the punters avoid registering with online gambling websites in fear of jail time.

You need to know that some country has legalized online gambling while others not so much.  You need to read about online casino restrictions depending on the country you are in at any given time. Thus, avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

A genuine online casino will offer relevant information concerning restrictions. Thus, you’ll know about it before registering

2. On-net casinos encourage underage gambling

With smartphones at the disposal of every juvenile, one may think that children can access casino gaming. It’s resulted in fear that children might be engaged in a gambling way too soon 

However, that’s a misconception. Before registering on a website, one has to provide an age verification document. It can either be a passport, ID, or driver’s license.

One also has to present bank details. It’s usually unobtainable to young children.

3. Online slots cheat

It’s often difficult to trust the results of an online casino, especially if one is making constant losses. Most punters in this situation tend to think that online casinos get rigged.   

However, you need to know that games in genuine online casinos, including dominoqq, use randomly generated numbers. 

These casinos are regulated by third parties so that they don’t take advantage of punters. Thus, the presence of a license.

4. Online casino games payout at a specific time

Most individuals tend to believe online gambling agencies payout at particular times. As a result, people tend to imagine that a better payout exists at a specific time of the day. It’s a myth that most have come to believe as the truth

Nonetheless, you need to know that online casino games are programmed. Thus the payout is random. Winning depends on luck and excellent gambling skills. Therefore, there’s no such thing as the perfect time in gambling

5. Online gambling agencies don’t allow one to withdraw all their winnings

Most punters tend to choose land-based casinos online due to this myth. Trusting an online gambling site to avail all your victory is quite a stretch. Most aren’t willing. 

However, you need to know that a specific set of rules governs online casinos. Before you believe this myth, have you read the wagering requirements? Have you checked to see the website isn’t blacklisted? Or does the site have a customer support system?

You need to make sure the website has a secure payment system. Next is to abide by all the set rules and be assured of all your winnings


When choosing an online casino, including dominoqq, you need to know all the facts. It will save you from falling into myths and misconceptions. Failure to which, it might cost you a good game and a few extra winnings.