Out of all the important dates in the 2021 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, the most surprising is the earlier date of the MLB Trade Deadline. Instead of the typical July 31, it is scheduled to be on July 30. Among many, the much-awaited and talked about rumour trade candidate is Trevor Story. 

The 28-year-old two-time All-Star is headed for free agency by the end of the season due to his expiring two-year signed contract with Colorado Rockies. As one of the most talented players on one of the lowest-ranked teams in the current season, it would certainly be a missed chance not to trade him before the said deadline. 

In all honesty, the expiring contract and highly assessed rumour trade of Story are just in the nick of time. It seems that the Rockies are caught in a pretty knotty transition period. From switching managers, he wouldn’t surely risk the same fate after he witnessed them extend and then alienate their franchise player Nolan Arenado. After all, he’s due to make at least US$300 million in free agency. 

Here are the top five teams or best fits for a Story trade. Take an early look, and see which squads match your predilections for the upcoming trade deals in baseball — bet with crypto.

1. New York Yankees

Currently at the 18th spot in the 2021 farm system, the Yankees had less time and chance to gain and train prospects compared to other leading franchises in 2020. Be that as it may, but they still feature extremely talented and well-acclaimed players, namely, Jasson Dominguez and prime Rookie of the Year candidate Deivi Garcia.

Most scouts consider 24-year-old Gleyber Torres as more suitable for second base. However, this is a serious decision for the Yankees because dropping a two-time All-Star player like a bag of rocks would seem like a total mistake. Then again, Torres still has to increase the data, given that his recent defensive deficiencies at shortstop became one of the major Yankees issues.

2. Milwaukee Brewers

Albeit ranking in the first half of NL Central, the offence of the Brewers has been quite awful this year. From sustaining injuries by one of its best players (Christian Yelich) to subpar shortstop production by Keston Hiura and Jackie Bradley Jr., then Story might be the perfect addition to the team’s lineup. 

If not the Yankees, the Brewers could be his next home, as he could certainly provide consistent slugging for the team. 

3. Cincinnati Reds

The Reds are just right off the NL Central rankings after the Brewers. While most of the blame game is towards 29-year-old infielder Eugenio Suárez, who is signed until 2024, Feinsand believes that they could still make some space for Story to fit. This is possible due to having a farm system that ranks at the 20th spot. 

4. Tampa Bay Rays

Despite the low standing, the Rays have the highest rated farm system in the Majors. While their deal with Tyler Glasnow has been making headlines, Feinsand considers Wander Franco as the no. 1 prospect of the year.

5. Oakland Athletics

The A’s are sitting pretty good at the first spot in AL West rankings. Unlike with Torres, it’s likely possible for a Story trade in this team following the poor performance of Elvis Andrus and Vimael Machín. Altogether, they have produced a .397 OPS, known as the lowest record created by any club this season.

Records aside, your decision in this season’s baseball — bet with crypto is strong. Both leading figures of A’s, namely, Billy Beane (executive vice president) and David Forst (general manager), don’t hold back in making big offers at the Trade Deadline.