Sports are a important part of life, it provides you with recreational elements. There are many brainstorming and indoor games in our home. But not all of them are popular and they have a few differences in them. In this article, we have listed the top 6 sports by popularity.  

Ping Pong

A lot of people throughout the world play with ping pong. It’s excellent for the entire body, soul, and mind. It has several bodily effects in addition to psychological advantages. It enhances endurance helps for weight reduction, and enhances motor skills and balance, enhances concentration and mind function. Though ping pong can be performed as a high-intensity physical action, there’s a really low risk of harm since there’s not any connection between the players. Ping pong is frequently called ‘high-speed Chess’ because of the strategic challenges introduced by this sport. Ping pong is certainly a fantastic investment! When you hold a ping pong racket in your hand along with balls, just forget other things and enjoy your game.


Very few games are as popular as billiards as the indoor game. The game has a huge demand through recreation seekers. There are a lot of benefits of playing billiards including mental and health benefits. Some people take it as a profession for their future careers. In that case, they prepare them by practicing under a coach with the necessary equipment like a pool cue. People who are determined to build up their career in this game should follow the rules of this game first. Regular practice can improve your skills throughout time. Nowadays, the pool is very common in smart offices where employees can take a short break after long stressful project work. That’s not a big deal if you dont know how to play this game, just take a beginners pool cue and start playing this game. You will eventually learn how to play.


Foosball is rather an addicting sport. When you start playing with it, it will become difficult to stop. Especially in such an event that you’ve got an extremely aggressive competitor. It is just tough to get tired of it. In any case, foosball is a great way to decrease tension. It also adds some fun to your everyday routine. It also keeps you focusing on your track. For example, when any player hits the foosball ball and scores, it increases his motivation. Moreover, when you take part in any competition of foosball tournaments and snatch your victory for your college, it will highlight your career as well.


Badminton is a game played with rackets where a shuttlecock is volleyed across a thin net. This game is packed with loads of entertainment and advantages. It’s a versatile game. Regularly playing badminton helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. It also helps to strengthen the heart muscle, reduce blood pressure and prevent hypertension. Playing badminton keeps you motivated, strong and healthy. Badminton is a really friendly game and you can enjoy playing it with friends and relatives.


To a layman, this game may seem like a childish indulgence. Because using a humongous ball only to knock off ten odd-shaped hooks at the end of a road just qualifies as a game, eh? Wrong. Its roots are in Ancient Egypt (seen from remains by Sir Flinders Petrie) along with the Roman Empire where the people used husk balls, leather balls, etc. Pin bowling, since it is known today (with 10-pin, 9-pin in addition to 5-pin versions ), was originally established in New York in 1895. Aside from giving an enjoyable evening out, bowling supplies a lot of exercise into the body assists in the strengthening of burning fat off, etc.


British Army officers stationed in India altered the traditional billiards and devised snooker. Snooker is a game played with a billiards board with 15 red balls, six balls of different colors, and a white cue ball in which we must pot another ball using the cue ball. Some play snooker as a recreational game though others play it for money and prestige. It may seem ordinary but there is so much for this game. It may be considered as an instance of applied physics and geometry. Some of its advantages include improving coordination and focus, and encouraging self-confidence if you are good at this game.

Finally, we are going to say, the games listed above are the best indoor games based on their popularity, career opportunity, and other benefits. People of all ages love to play these indoor games for different reasons. There are a lot of indoor games that are being popular nowadays as well.