Basketball stars like Russel Westbrook know more than playing hoops, and they proved that by choosing these amazing women for their wives!

Top 9 Beautiful NBA Wives Married to Basketball Stars

Beautiful girls have been attracted to athletes since forever, and that is especially true for NBA players. However, it doesn’t happen that often for the couple to get married. Once that happens, we can say they both hit the jackpot. The only thing left for us is to check out who are these beautiful women and envy the players.

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And if you want to find out the info on wives of NBA players, you can do that below!

Amelia Vega Horford

Amelia Vega won the title of Miss Universe in 2003, but she is also the owner of two huge model-related achievements.

The girl from the Dominican Republic is the tallest Miss Universe so far, as well as the youngest one to win that title (she was 18 at the time.) Amelia married Al Horford, the NBA star from the Dominican Republic, who currently plays for Philadelphia 76ers.

Horford and Amelia have three children, but she still looks amazing!

Viviana Ortiz

J.J. Barea is a true scorer on the basketball court, but he also scored outside of it, at least when it comes to choosing the wife. Viviana Ortiz is (you’ve guessed it right) a former participant of Miss Universe. She was at the 16th spot in 2011, but we would give this Puerto Rican model and actress the top prize!

It seems that J.J. Barea shares our opinion since he married her in 2016. According to reports, the ceremony was lavish. Since both of them are from Puerto Rico, it was done in San Juan, and the couple had a daughter named Paulina Barea Ortiz later that year.

Morgan Poole Bledsoe

Morgan Poole married Eric Bledsoe in 2017, but she stayed by his side ever since high school. Bledsoe made the mature decision of marrying his (probably) first love. And it seems like everything is going great in their relationship.

Mrs. Bledsoe is a hairstylist and a loved mom of two children, Arianna and Ethan. According to reports, they are celebrating 12 years of being together in 2020.

Kayla Wallace

Isaiah Thomas’ career is not going great, which is a shame because he is a fantastic potential. Regardless, Thomas can be proud of his wonderful family. Apart from three beautiful children, Thomas has a wife named Kayla Wallace.

Kayla has been by his side for years, but they got married in 2016. She accepted Isaiah’s child from a previous relationship, and they are all living as a happy family.

Jada Crawley

Chris Paul married Jada Crawley in 2011, but they started dating when he was playing for Wake Forest. That means they have been together for over a decade, and they still seem very much in love.

Paul doesn’t hesitate to defend his wife at all times, and everyone remembers a game that Houston Rockets played against the L.A. Lakers in 2018. Allegedly, someone from the family of Rajon Rondo made inappropriate comments to Jada, and Paul was furious after the game.

Natalija Macesic

Nikola Jokic charmed the entire world with his basketball skills. The playmaker trapped in the body of a center gave Denver Nuggets fans a hope that they can even win the NBA title. In the meantime, the Serbian player was charmed by a single girl. Her name is Natalija Macesic (Natalya Ma-Tye-Shitz), and she is also from Serbia.

Furthermore, they are high school sweethearts, and they started dating at only 16. Natalija came to the United States with Nikola, and she has been a great support throughout his career. According to reports, the wedding is scheduled for June 2020.

Kishele Shipley

If there is one thing that we know about Kawhi Leonard, it is that he loves privacy. Even though he is one of the best players in the NBA at the moment, he doesn’t like talking about his private life.

We know that he has been dating Kishele Shipley for years, and we also heard reports that they are waiting for the second child together. Although it is unsure, there’s been gossip that they got married. Their daughter Kaliyah was born in 2016.

Nina Westbrook

Nina Ann-Marie Westbrook is a former basketball player, which makes her the only athlete on our list of NBA wives. It seems that Russel Westbrook likes to talk about work when he gets home, and he likes it when women understand basketball.

According to reports, Russel and Nina got married in 2015, and they have three children now.

Chelsea Kilgore

Chelsea Kilgore married JJ Reddick in 2010, which means they have been together for over a decade. She wasn’t a celebrity, but she used the media attention wise. Today, Chelsea is a respected fitness professional and Pilates instructor.

J.J. and Chelsea have two children together.