Hockey is a very popular sport that boasts an army of fans from all over the world. Tournaments and championships attract a huge number of people. Such competitions as the NHL, the World Championship, and the Olympic Games are something that makes people crazy about. The best hockey players in the world confront each other in spectacular fights. Some of them have made significant contributions to the world history of hockey. Let’s take a look at the most prominent names that truly deserve your attention and appreciation.

Rating of the Best Hockey Players

Several athletes stand out from the crowd not only for their excellent manner of playing but also for the achievements they have been able to gain in their careers. Most of them have played for the teams of the National Hockey League – the most popular tournament. You can place bets on different hockey matches at a online casino Ontario and support your favorite team just as you can. And will help you find a worthy online gambling venue. Here are some of the greatest names that will definitely inspire you.

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#1 – Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky, or the “Great one”, is the famous striker who played for the Edmonton Oilers from 1978 to 1988. Gretzky was nicknamed the “Great One,” and there are many good reasons for that. This Canadian athlete has received the Art Ross Trophy as the best scorer in the NHL 10 times and has set over 60 records. He is the one holding the Stanley Cup for his amazing efforts.

#2 – Dominik Hasek

Dominik Hasek is a goalkeeper who stood out for his non-standard playing style. He preferred to play lying down. The athlete played for various NHL clubs, including the Detroit Red Wings. Hasek was able to neutralize the most dangerous shots thanks to his unique technique. He almost never used a club, preferring to catch or hit the pucks with a glove. 

#3 – Sidney Crosby

This center forward is one of the most popular ice hockey players in the world. Since 2005, Crosby has been playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins team. And during this period of time, he has managed to win many trophies and set several records. The player has repeatedly been among the best snipers in the NHL. His list of trophies includes the Stanley Cup, Olympic medals, and the World Cup. With his outstanding performance, Crosby has long since “booked” himself a place in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

#4 – Valeri Kharlamov

A unique player whose life was tragically cut short in 1981, Valeri Kharlamov, has repeatedly become the champion of Europe and the world as part of the national team. He is also the owner of the gold medals of the Olympic Games. The player was considered the best striker of his time. For his achievements, Kharlamov was included in the NHL Hall of Fame.

#5 – Gordy Howe

This striker has the largest collection of trophies in the history of world hockey. He has played more than 2,000 games in his career and scored 850 goals. Gordie Howe became the Stanley Cup winner, world, European and Olympic champion. Has been named the NHL’s Top Scorer and Most Valuable Player of the season on several occasions. In matches, he preferred a tough and attacking style. There is a special concept – “Gordie Howe’s hat-trick.”

#6 – Connor McDavid

Over the past five years (since his debut in the best league in the world), NHL players have unanimously named Connor McDavid as the best hockey player in the world. And 2021 was no exception in this regard for several reasons:

  • By the end of the regular season, McDavid is the top contender for the Hart Trophy (a prize awarded annually to the hockey player who has made the greatest contribution to his team’s regular-season success);
  • The Oilers leader is the first in the league to score 60 points this season. To do this, he needed only 34 matches; Connor is currently the NHL’s top scorer.

There is perhaps no player in the world who is more dominant than the captain of Edmonton. He simply has no weaknesses: McDavid’s skating has been recognized as the best in the NHL more than once, and at the All-Star Games, he regularly sets speed records.

#7 – Leon Dreiseitl

In the past three years, the native of Cologne has invariably entered the top 5 NHL top scorers, and in the last regular season, he became the only hockey player who managed to land one hundred points. Many fans are sceptical about Dreiseitl’s performance due to the fact that one of the best forwards in the history of German hockey has been a partner of the best hockey player in the world for many years. 

#8 – Patrick Kane

Kane is one of the few Blackhawks hockey players who has managed to keep his level from year to year. Three-time Stanley Cup winner by the margin, his team’s top scorer and second sniper: Patrick has thrown his 400th goal in the NHL this season and is one of McDavid’s main rivals for the Hart Trophy. Yes, Kane is unlikely to become the most productive player in the NHL, but the fact that he continues to rank among the best players in the world is beyond the slightest doubt.