In soccer, heading involves the use of your head to play a ball. However, it can be a tricky skill to master for young players in particular. Without he proper technique, it can be easy to injure yourself when attempting this move. Luckily, by practicing your heading soccer skills with the help of heading drills, you can become a master of this skill sooner than you think. Playform understands the importance of practice and proper technique when working on your heading skills. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the main types of heading as well as the best drills to help you practice your soccer skills.

Heading unopposed 

This drill is a great one to incorporate into your soccer training to introduce the skills of heading. Players begin in pairs with one server and one who heads the ball back. Players head the ball to their partner and then run around them to their original position. 

Heading from crosses 

Why is it important to practice heading from crosses? The answer is simple: because a lot of goals are scored from crosses into the penalty area. Some young players may be apprehensive to attempt heading, so this drill will help build their confidence and encourage them to develop the correct technique. Start by setting up a portable goal and split your players into groups of three. Each group should contain one goalkeeper, one attacker, and one server. The attacker should be positioned in line with the far pole and 10 yards from the goal. Standing 5 yards outside the near post and approximately 3 yards from the goal line, the server throws the ball in front of the attacker. The attacker must then attempt to head the ball whilst the goalkeeper tries to make saves.

Pass Wide, Cross and Attacking Header 

This effective team-based drill starts with players lining up in three queues and player 1 with the ball. This player makes 1-2 passes with player 2 and then moves the ball down the line for player 3. Player 3 must then meet the pass and gain control of the ball, then swing a cross into the box to allow Players 1 and 2 to head the ball. 

Win the first header 

Like the name suggests, the challenge of this drill is to win the first header and pass it to your teammate. This is a fun drill that is great to ease young players’ anxieties about heading. Play begins when one of the servers throws the ball into the centre. Each player should attempt to get their heads on the ball before the opponent gets to it. 


This simple exercise is great for teaching young players the basics of heading in soccer. Winning the ball in the air is one of the most important skills of a defender. In this drill, one player throws the ball to the other player’s head. The receiving player must meet the ball and attempt to send back a returning header. 

Attacking header 

This drill begins with both players positioned on their knees. One player is responsible for accurately feeding a throw for the other player to attack. The kneeling position helps players to develop their confidence and they can progress to a standing position once they feel ready. The coach can challenge players to see how many consecutive headers they can do before the ball touches the ground. 

Attacking heading 

The attacking heading drill is another heading drill that involves players working in pairs. It begins with the feeder throwing the ball up for the other player to head. The receiving player must aim to head the ball back between the feeder’s legs. The feeder will be standing with their feet apart whilst the header needs to keep moving and be ready to head the ball back at all times. 

Football: Triangle conditioning – Double headers

To set up this drill, place three cones in a triangle shape. The three players on the outside start with a ball each whilst the middle player has no ball. The middle player receives a serve from a player on the outside and heads it into the air before heading it back to the outside player. 

Heading drills in Playform

The Playform app offers a variety of soccer heading drills which will help you sharpen your heading skills in no time. The heading drill involves the use of a wall to bounce the ball between each heading. Once you become more confident in the basic skills, drills such as the Head and jump will make you a more confident header. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even attempt the Head and Jump or Juggling Headers drills.


These soccer heading drills are an excellent way to grow your confidence in the skill. Playform gathers all of the best heading drills all in the one place, ready to go wherever and whenever you are. Whether you’re an experienced header or just starting out, Playform allows you to create a personalised soccer training schedule to meet your needs and improve your soccer skills. With a bit of practice, you’ll be a better and more confident header.