The NBA is one of the most wagered on competitions in the United States, with many tipsters looking to convert their knowledge and passion about basketball into some decent cash.

NBA betting is naturally fun, as it gives punters a variety of interesting markets to wager on. Not only can we bet on the winners of the games, US sportsbooks now have options on betting on quarters, halves, rebounds, assists, free throws, three pointers, blocks and many more.

What’s more fun than the actual betting itself is winning the bets and taking home some cool cash!

The NBA, like all professional sports, is unpredictable, and so earning money consistently is quite tricky and difficult. Hence, you need to be smart about how you go about your “betting business”.

We’ve got some pro tips and tricks that can help in your quest to have a profitable NBA betting experience.

1. Do Your Research on the Teams

While research and analyses do not guarantee success in NBA Betting, they put you in the best position to make correct predictions.

Do not just bet blindly on a team or a player just because you are a fan of the team or because you like the player. Take some time to do some research before investing your money into the teams.

Thankfully, many sportsbooks now have detailed statistics where you can find information on the current forms of the teams, head-to-head matchup of the teams, player performances, and many other important data that give insights into what could potentially happen during the game.

2. Follow Reputable NBA Tipsters

Well, if you can’t do the research and make the predictions yourself, you might as well enlist the help of someone with knowledge about the game and a good track record of winning NBA bets.

Emphasis on a good track record!

There are now many NBA tipsters all over the internet, but not all of them can be trusted.

No one can claim to be an expert in NBA betting, but it is possible to be an expert in the NBA. And if this expertise is combined with a good understanding of NBA betting, it can yield very positive results. That’s the hallmark of a good NBA tipster.

So, before you start taking tips from anyone, take some time to observe the success rate of the tipsters and be sure that you can rely on their tips.

3. Take Advantage of NBA Betting Bonuses

Many bettors are so keen to place NBA wagers and win bets that they forget the very simple basics of claiming betting bonuses.

The majority of US sportsbooks have loads of NBA promotions, especially during special events like the All-Star weekend and NBA Finals.

Most betting sites also have offers for new players, so don’t forget to get these bonuses when you join a new betting site.

The best sign up bonus offers are very easy to claim, with most requiring users to deposit a small amount of money and place a wager.

4. Try NBA Live Betting

A big percentage of NBA betting wagers are on pre-game markets, with many bettors either uninterested or unaware of the possibilities of live betting.

The beauty of live betting is that you can place your bets based on what is happening in the game. Live betting also gives you the chance to react and adjust your pre-game predictions according to the current state of the game.

For example, if a key player gets injured or is having a stinker, you can place a live bet based on that knowledge.

And with tools like in-game stats and NBA live streaming, you can keep track of happenings in the game and place your bets accordingly.

5. Bet Responsibly

The last, and arguably the most important NBA betting tip is that you must bet responsibly. If you cannot win more money, then don’t lose all your money. You should be smart enough to realize when to stop and take a break.

You must always be mindful of the fact that betting is risky business, and doesn’t always follow logic. So if one or two bets haven’t gone as you expected, let them go rather than chasing after your losses.

US sportsbooks have responsible gambling tools like self-exclusion and betting limits that help safeguard against reckless betting. Make sure you use these tools to avoid going over the white line.