Sports fans tend to enjoy their favourite sports in a variety of formats, from watching matches and wagering on their favorite teams, to playing video games in which they can own or manage any team in the world. Increased access to the internet and the speed at which technology has advanced means that fans can keep track of as many matches as they can follow in as many different sports as they can handle.

Wagering has become a more interactive event for those that like to keep up with the action. In-game betting and instant updates make it even more exciting to follow a variety of sports, and fans can get updates and notifications about any game that interests them.

Those that want to bet on sports can choose from a choice of games such as 9 pots of Gold on some of the most popular sites such as JackpotJoy. For those that want to prepare themselves for the most exciting games of the year, there are a few to keep a lookout for:

EA Sports PGA Tour 

Golf fans will know that there is nothing quite like the sight of a ball disappearing into the hole, and that is true whether you are watching a match on television or controlling your favourite player in a video game. Electronic Arts have been working closely with the PGA Tour to generate this year’s hottest golfing game due to be released in early 2023.

This game is set to make the most of the latest technology to bring players a game that is more immersive and engaging than any other. Players will be able to choose from some of the most impressive courses worldwide, including:


  • Augusta National
  • St Andrews
  • Pebble Beach 
  • Oak Hill
  • Los Angeles Country Club
  • Royal Liverpool
  • Olympia Fields


This version is all about the gameplay, so there is slightly less focus on the players, but it does include LPGA events and golfers, so the women’s game has finally been acknowledged and included in this release. 

Forza Motorsport

While there are plenty of games that involve driving, those that are designed to simulate the excitement of motor racing take the idea of driving a virtual car to another level. Forza has been making motorsport-based games for years, and although some of their recent releases have come in for criticism, this year’s new game is hotly anticipated.

Born out of a collaboration between Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios, this year’s Forza release is taking things back to the basics of what people love about motorsport games. There will be a whopping five hundred cars to choose from and players can drive them on some of the most popular circuits from their previous releases.

For those that want a little more realism, some of the world’s most iconic circuits are also included, so they can take a spin around Maple Valley Raceway, Laguna Seca, Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, and Circuit Hakone among others. Everything from the weather to the handling has been designed with realism in mind, so players can experience the thrill of taking a tight corner in pouring rain, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Soccer Story

While some gamers like to feel as though they are experiencing a realistic facsimile of the challenges faced by elite sports competitors, others prefer a more fantastical approach to their gaming. Soccer Story is just such a game, set in a world where football is long-forgotten, and one player is tasked with re-introducing it to the world.

One of the things that may appeal about this game is the fact that it’s not purely sports based as it involves an element of adventure RPG for players who have to solve puzzles in order to share the news that soccer is back. That said, football fans will get the chance to play full matches, but their opponents might include sharks, toddlers, ninjas, or even old age pensioners.

Players that like their sport with a healthy dose of fun and adventure will appreciate the variety that Soccer Story offers, but it is not one for players that want hyper-realism.

WWE 2K23

As the latest release from a franchise that had a huge comeback in 2022, this WWE game will have fans on the edges of their seats. Last year’s game was popular, but players bemoaned the lack of functionality and were keen to see more features incorporated. 

While there are no guarantees, players are confident that these issues will be resolved for this year’s game, offering long-time fans and those new to the world of WWE a chance to experience life in the ring.

For those that love sport and want to feel as though they are a part of the action, sports games are the perfect pastime. This year’s releases are likely to provide sports fans and gamers with plenty of fun and entertainment.