Finding the perfect sports watch that you can go wearing to the gym or hit the truck is somewhat a challenge. Much thought has to be put into the activity you are to partake as well as the functionality of the piece. A great sports piece goes beyond just having a stopwatch and being waterproof.

With that said, let’s take a look at the few things that make a sports piece exceptional.

  • Functionality

On this, the sports watch must suit the kind of activity you engage in. For instance, rock climbers pieces should have an altitude meter as well as the wind and weather forecast function.

  • Water-resistant

Well, not all sports are water-based, but you might be sweating, right! Thus a good watch should be water-resistant, although this feature may vary based on the end-user. Divers may perhaps have a more reinforced water-resistance watch.

  • Durability

A sports timepiece must be made with a long-lasting material to ensure it remains in top-shape the longest. Such materials are like carbon, steel, hard rubber, and even titanium. An additional feature is that the material must also be shock-proof.

  • Sports-friendly features

What sets apart an exceptional sports piece are the extra features. Such features include heartbeat rate reader, a tachymeter calibrator, calories burned, compass, tide indicators, regatta functions, so on, and so forth. The features are different according to the sport of the user.

With that out of the way, let us now look at the Top New Sports SmartWatches of 2020.

1. Tact Watch

Built with a robust DLC (diamond-like carbon) material, the T1 Tact watch is a stylish yet fantastically durable sports timepiece. The screen is made of crystal corning gorilla glass 4, making it very hard to get scratches or even break. For it to even crack, the blow must be very hefty.

This watch has a step counter, calorie counter, and a sleep monitor to cater to the physical aspect of sports. While on the technological front, the watch has message notifications and alerts as well as a mobile app.

The watch has an awe-inspiring battery life that spreads to 33 months which eradicates the need to have to charge it every day. The T1 Tact watch is perfect for almost all sports — footballer, runner, or rock climber, among others. The masculine outlook on the piece may perhaps lockout the ladies but if one wishes to possess one, then why not!

2. Armitron Sport Women’s 45/7012 Digital Chronograph

This sports watch is specially made for mountain climbers or adventurers. A person taking part in this activity or anything related shall enjoy the resin band and a buckle. This feature reduces the chances of the piece getting ripped off or interfered with the ropes or equipment used during the exercises.

It comes with a timer, date stamp, and water resistance features. The resin band is very comfortable and very functional. Additionally, the watch comes in four colors — rose-gold, black, royal blue, and magenta.

3. Garmin Swim 2

The Garmin Swim 2 is a tailor-made smartwatch for swimmers as well as anyone interested in water-based hobbies. The watch is a sleek lightweight piece that is waterproof up to the depth of 50 meters. Additionally, the watch allows you to keep records of the basics such as strokes, distance and pace, among others.

The battery life, when fully charged, can last you a substantial amount of time. The interface is very straightforward and easy to operate. Lastly, the Garmin Swim 2 allows you to review, analyze, and share your progress as you can upload all these on the Garmin Connect App.

4. Garmin Tactix

Weighing just 91g, the Garmin Tactix is a heavy-duty sports watch with an inverted display, curved glass on the front display, non-reflective surface, backlight, jumpmaster modes and tidal charts. Admittedly, the timepiece is perfect for runners and cyclists because of its exceptional compass navigation and routing capabilities.

The smart aspects of the watch are the internal temperature sensor and the Garmin Temperature sensors. It also has several modes namely, hunting, fishing, sunrise, sunset as well as moonrise, and moonset. Some impressive features like the MOB(man overboard) could be life-saving. Climbers appreciate the altitude and barometric altimeter and deep-sea divers relish the fact that the watch is waterproof up to 33 meters deep.

5. Apple Watch Series 5

If there is a watch that is fit for all kinds of sports, the Apple Watch Series 5 is exemplary. The piece has removable straps that allow you to remove and do separate cleaning. The screen is always on and is fully touch screen. You have the freedom of customizing the face. Overall, you get to see the working out trends such as walking, running, and standing pace, also your history and awards.

Whatever your workout, you shall be able to see the GPS and the optical heart rate, among others. Additionally, the watch can be synced to your device, making it easy for progress tracking.

6. Casio G-shock

The Casio G-shock is an impressive sports watch that also deserves to be on this list as well. It is notably one of the toughest watches ever manufactured as per the Guinness book of records.

Its structure is robust shockproof. The piece is waterproof with a depth of 200m, making it an excellent fit for divers. In terms of variety, you are spoilt for choice as there are so many models and styles to choose from. The piece comes with extra features such as a solar-powered battery, atomic watch, thermometer, altimeter, compass, vibration alarm, and has hands-free backlighting.

7. Samsung Galaxy Watch

For any sports and fitness enthusiast, a Samsung Galaxy watch has all your needs looked after. For starters, it contains an onboard GPS capability deemed useful for all your outdoor activities. You also have music storage, a Bluetooth playback that keeps you company as you workout. You can view all your progress via the synched mobile app and even set goals and targets you wish to complete in the future.

Additionally, you have several modes of activities to choose from, namely; swimming, cycling, running, hiking, circuit training, weight machine, and others. Your progress is monitored even further into the exact exercises such as lunges, stretching, yoga, among several others.


It is never easy settling on a sports piece that best fits you, but now you can easily choose one of the watches above. It is not rocket science as long as you look into the four core basics — functionality, water-resistance, durability, and sports-friendly features. All of which are available on any of the seven watches listed above.