With the Premier League being the most popular and most followed soccer league in the entire world, it goes without saying that it is also home to some of the world’s best players from around the world. No other league has as many multinational players, and while some came to the league as established superstars, some have grown into phenomenal players during their time in the league. As you might have guessed, this quick article will take a look at who the most prolific players in the Premier League are today, and it’s not just the strikers who stole the headlines lately.

So without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling with three Premier League superstars;

1. Dominic Calvert-Lewin

Come on – we had to start with the top goal scorer for the 2020/2021 season. Although Calvert-Lewin isn’t one of the top names in the league, his quality performances have allowed him to become the best striker in the league right now (on paper). He has managed to hit the back of the net 11 times so far, and amazingly, he is the only player to be averaging more than 1 goal per game. Not even the likes of Aguero and Mo Salah have managed to hit these kinds of figures this season. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Calvert-Lewin has been so pivotal in the success of Everton so far.

It’s not just the number of times he has scored that is impressive either. Calvert-Lewin is shooting at almost 70% for shots on target compared to shots taken, which also puts him toward the top of the leaderboard in this category. Only a couple of players in the league are currently higher than this percentage, which is commendable, to say the least.

2. Hugo Lloris

As we said, it’s not just strikers that deserve all the recognition in the Premier League. In fact, many people claim that the best way to do well in soccer is simply to not concede goals, and Lloris has certainly been a team player in that regard. Of course, he is the main goalkeeper for Tottenham Hotspur, and he has helped the team maintain 5 clean sheets so far this season. That’s almost a 50% success rate for clean sheets compared with games played, and he has definitely aided the team with their confidence in the defense.

When you watch this guy between the posts, he is able to demonstrate incredible reflexes, agility, and his anticipation is also exceptional. These are all factors that have allowed him to put in so many great performances for Tottenham so far, and he will no doubt continue as the season rolls on. 

3. Harry Kane

Now that we’ve covered the top goal scorer and the best goalkeeper, we thought we’d recognize the man that has been one of the best team players. And one of the best categories that emphasizes this is the ‘most assists’ category. As you can see, England’s own Harry Kane is leading the pack here, with 10 assists to his name this season. This is an entire 4 assists more than his nearest rival in this category – Kevin De Bruyne. To add to that, Kane also knows when to pull the trigger himself, as he also has 8 goals to his name.

Another intriguing thing about Kane is how consistently he has performed well in this league. It’s not just the 2020/2021 season where he has been pivotal – he has been rather sensational for the last few seasons in the Premier League. It is clear that he is growing in confidence all the time too, so we only expect him to get better and better.

Promising Young Talents

You may have been surprised about the players that have emerged for some of the categories we’ve talked about in this article. To be perfectly honest, we were expecting some other players to be listed given their reputation, but that’s the beauty of the Premier League. It is so competitive that there are always new players rising through the ranks and challenging the big guys, and that is particularly evident with the best players for this season. There are many young talented players like Ashraf Hakimi and 18- year old Anssumani Fati, just to mention a few mentioned by the Kora-World as the most promising young players for the next coming years to keep an eye on.  

As we start the new year we hope for a great soccer year with lots of action to be enjoyed so make sure you tune in and watch these guys play when you can!