If a list were made containing the most exciting and thrilling activities you could do out on the water, wakeboarding would be up there among the very best. It is an activity that fills participants with joy and an unbelievable rush.

You can wakeboard anytime you like other than, maybe, winter. Well, except you’ve got the build and metabolism of a polar bear. But then, do you know what time is the polar opposite of winter and is a great time to get on out into the water with a wakeboard, a boat, and your buddies? The summer!

If you’ve been considering wakeboarding but have been finding it difficult to make your mind up on when to make the trip, the summer is a fantastic time. You are going to love it. There will be lots of people around the water who could be looking to wakeboard for the first time or are experts at it. You can glean some tips and tricks off them, get into competitions, and lots more.

Still not convinced why you should wakeboard this summer? The information-packed reasons below will surely change your mind.

Four reasons to start wakeboarding in the summer

1. The Rush

The folks over at Wakeboard Buddy put it excellently well when they described wakeboarding as merely “fun and exciting.” That might seem like an oversimplification, but there are no better words to describe what you should expect when you go wakeboarding.

The rush of adrenaline is so powerful. Stepping onto the water turns you into a different animal entirely. If it is your first time, some nerves will trouble you initially, but after you get around to shaking them off, that is when the fun begins. Everything that happens at the moment right after you find your feet out on the water gliding across its surface like a superhero from on the cinematic universes of DC or Marvel is pure bliss.

Because it is summer, the environment is even better. Athletic people love the sea when it is summer, so you would see many people try to do things (pull them off too) that are just mind-blowing—seeing all that will help you get over any nerves quickly. The roaring of boat engines, the whistling of water molecules flying into your face from under the boat towing you, your buddies on the boat cheering you with their phones out, all makes wakeboarding in the summer such an adrenaline-filled experience.

2. A Healthy Tan

Do you want to be one of those people who go into the summer perfectly fit only to lounge around lazily in the name of getting tanned and end up binging on unhealthy food and return from the summer break without the same level of fitness? Wakeboarding in the summer is the perfect opportunity to get a tan, remain healthy, and have a swell time. How? You’d be out in the sun and surfing at mouthwatering speed.

Wakeboarding is very demanding and healthy water activity. You require a lot of strength to keep hold of the rope, which is a great way to exercise your arm. Doing that with all the distractions around requires a high level of concentration too. Wakeboarding is excellent for keeping the body and the mind fit and sharp.

3. It’s Easier Now

In the past, wakeboarding wasn’t a popular watersport. If you wanted to try it out, you would have to go quite the distance to get meaningful gear and at off-putting prices too. It was commonplace to see people improvise by using equipment meant for other watersports when they went wakeboarding.

Wakeboarding is easier now than before because gears are now much easier to find than in the past. You don’t have to go miles because technology has made it easy to find stores that sell what you need. There has been an improvement in the creation of wakeboarding equipment, and they are now much safer than before.

4. Social media Content

We love posting on social media during the summer, and we bet you do too. There are more eyes on the internet during the summer, and it is straightforward to go viral. Wakeboarding makes for good content. Your tricks could be the next most liked video on YouTube. Your fail could be too; there is no such thing as bad publicity, right?

You definitely should try wakeboard in the summer. The experience will leave you with so many fun memories that you will cherish for long.