A rigorous fitness routine must be part of your daily life if you are someone who is health-conscious and equates health with happiness in life. And to this aim, you can choose to get involved in some kind of a combat sport or any other healthy activity for that matter – essentially anything that makes you sweat a lot. Fitness experts recommend one works out at least 3 hours a day and thrice a day to get the best result from their effort. Apart from having a disciplined workout routine, one has to have a balanced and healthy diet too. In fact, diet constitutes around 80 percent of the entire effort you make to stay healthy and in shape.

Many people get engaged in combat sports these days making their lifestyle overall sporty and athletic on a daily basis. And a considerable section of such people loves to take up Mixed Martial Arts i.e. MMA and Boxing. Both MMA and Boxing are very effective at enhancing strength, speed, agility and reflexes. Mixed Martial Arts however does turn out to be better than Boxing in quite a few respects despite the fact the debate as to which of the two is a better combat sport will never see an end. 

The Difference Between MMA and Boxing: 

Many people don’t realize MMA isn’t just one of the mainstream fitness training programs that can be taken up to get into shape. Mixed Martial Arts is a set of different sorts of martial arts including Muay Thai, Wrestling and Brazilian Jujitsu – all of which have been practiced throughout history. Albeit when it comes to cage fighting, every type of martial arts hangs more or less in balance with some proving to be more effective than the other. Not taking away from the effectiveness of the skillset one is taught when training for MMA, it can be safely said Boxing also equips one with a valuable skillset that proves advantageous during a fight. Boxing teaches the fighter perfect head movement and stable footwork which is highly beneficial when it comes to self-defense – the reason many fights start off as a stand-up fight.  

Which Is More Effective as a Fighting Style? 

If you consider MMA as a sport, it has been gaining in popularity – a phenomenon that makes it difficult for people to determine whether or not MMA is more effective than Boxing in the context of a health regime. Also, people tend to go for either as healthy means to lose weight and stay fit. The truth is it all depends on your goals – both can prove effective depending on your objectives. The reason why people trained in MMA or Boxing, largely speaking, make more or less equally good fighters. MMA essentially helps in fighting because it trains you for ground games and stand-up game players.

MMA Or Boxing for Fitness? 

Both forms of combat sports are excellent for people who want to achieve their fitness goals. Each is amazing when it comes to strengthening your core, conditioning your physique, adding to your cardiovascular strength and benefitting many other aspects of your body. It all depends on the type of training you get involved in. Many gyms offer a blend of different skills and techniques. And you can also help yourself learn faster by watching some really amazing videos using your high speed internet connection. 

In fact there are many videos available online that tend to impart a more than satisfactory understanding of MMA and Boxing. And these videos show how in a competition or a combat situation, boxers come across as more well-conditioned therefore lasting longer. An average boxer lasts around 10 to 12 rounds of 3 minutes each. MMA, on the other hand, is more of a short burst and fights usually last for 3 rounds of 5 minutes each. Boxers therefore have an advantage because they are more conditioned. However, they don’t have to deal with weight issues of their opponent when they are fighting with grappling and Jujitsu. 

MMA Or Boxing for Weight loss:  

If you are looking to lose some weight, expert advice says you should go for cardio kickboxing. Also, Jujitsu workouts and rolling will make you sweat enough to prevent you from getting tired after a long day at your drills. People who practice MMA recommend one performs Jujitsu for weight loss as it is known to burn around 1000 calories in a session. Boxing, on the other hand, gets you to burn around only 350 calories per round. 

It would be therefore not inaccurate to say MMA and Boxing both constitute of good fighting techniques that have their own benefits. Although boxing in its totality seems more like part of MMA. At the end it all depends on the individual. So just make sure you know your fitness goals and your body well enough. And remember it is never too late to learn Martial Arts. 

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