Football is a game that millions of people around the globe love and play. It is often referred to as the universal sport because almost all the countries play this game. The popularity of football can be explained by the statistics that the FIFA World Cup 2018 had a viewer count of 3.57 billion! That is almost half of the human population. This gigantic sport not only attract fans but also some major bookies that run a betting game to get rich quick. A sport that has the capability of improving the GDP of the country hosting its World Cup will also possess the power to make these betting giants either very rich or very poor. 

 Betting has always been a part of football culture. Many leading organizations, like bettingstar and sportbetting24, betting on these football games have discovered many tricks and tips that 

might help you to get into the game of betting quickly and, who knows, even make you rich. 

Football Betting Tips:

Many betting gurus have come together to formulate a sequence of tips and tricks that have been proving themselves. A lot of people have used these rules to climb up the mountain as it turns out that they work. Some of those tips are mentioned below: –


  1. Bet only when there is value: – A sports betting value is when you find a bet that is paying out winners at a better rate than it should. In the market, many games are being played at the same time. It is very important to analyze the market and the game you want to bet in. After all the study, you are good to go and earn more profit in the long run. 

  2. Continuous Analysis of the game: – One common mistake that rookie customers make is that they do not analyze the previous fixtures. It might become a big mistake for new people not to learn from the earlier games whether the team they want to bet on is in form or not, if the coach’s strategies are working or not, the form of the opposition team, and much more. 
  3. Bet the leagues you know: – People often get excited when they begin betting. They start betting recklessly on many leagues that they even don’t know. For instance, if you are an expert in Premier League it is good to bet there but when that league is on break you should not jump on other leagues or 2nd division. That may affect your current knowledge about your league and going into a new league without prior knowledge might turn very bad for you. 
  4. Bet the Markets you know: – There are many markets when it comes to betting in football, but there are very few that value your money and have a great conversion rate. Sites like Bettingstar and sportbetting24 provide a great market for newcomers as well as for the experts. It is always good to keep knowledge about the market you bet in. 
  5. Apply sound money management: – Sound money management has two main goals i.e. to avoid losing money, and to avoid missing profit opportunities by tying up capital in problematic trades for long periods. Failing to avoid either of these will make you pay. Avoiding loss of money is quite easy to understand. You want to secure your capital and all the profits you’ve accumulated. Not only do you want to keep it, but you want to reinvest with it as well, so that your capital continues to grow and makes your profit larger and larger.
  6. Assess performance potential accurately: – Checking up on the team statistics will always help you to decide to place the bet or not. For instance, you come to know that the main player of your chosen team is injured and not playing. In that case if you analyze whether the substitute is good enough to play, all the suspensions and injuries are checked, that might help you decide whether your team has the potential to win that game or not. 
  7. Have Accounts with multiple bookmakers: – When you look into the vitals, this tip makes a lot of sense. If you find a value bet, it would be great to make the most odds of that. Having multiple accounts with bookmakers will increase your chances of winning big money. Try using bettingstar and sportbetting24 in the long run.


A game whose players worth hundreds of million have a lot of fans as well as money. If you are wise and capable enough to find the right bet at the right time, it will make you rich overnight. All you need to do is follow the given tips and tricks and enjoy the rest of your game. And some good choices for starting are bettingstar and sportbetting24.