Ok wait a darn minute. .
✅I drink ketones 2 x’s daily.
✅I do a 60 hr reboot monthly.
✅FITTENSITY workouts consistently.
And I can’t drink one?
Just in case you are not paying attention or trying to learn more..
👉🏽Maybe you are healthy & young but most of us now know this is a time when it’s not only about ourselves. What you choose to do or not do could impact much more than just you feeling sick for a week. Even if you don’t “feel” sick you could unknowingly pass something to someone unable to fight it like you. I hope we can find out just how much selfless love we can all have for complete strangers. .
👉🏽It’s RESPONSIBLE to avoid other ppl right now, especially groups. I’m certain there’s a long list of ppl that would thank you.
✅Also important?

Maintaining your peace, sending love to strangers & friends, smiling, laughing, having a positive attitude, finding gratitude, staying calm, cleaning the house, making some yummy healthy meals, getting some home workouts in, and maybe working on that business idea you never have time for.
The world is yelling at us to stop. It’s time we listen.❤️🙏🏽

Torrie’s doing the work the government just can’t.  This is how important public service announcements should be delivered.

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