Check out this crazy video, of an travel baseball coach going after a parent with an aluminum bat. Youth sports has become a battlefield. This kind of behavior has to stop. So much for parents and coaches being role models. 

We found this crazy video in our tip box. What a crazy scene. 

In all my years of Youth Sports Never in my life have I seen a Head Coach (Cincy Flames) come after a parent with 1 of his 13U Baseball Players Bats our of the Dugout to the left. In front of all these boys that he is suppose to be teaching & training to not only be good Ball Players but Good Young Men as well. INSANE! APPALLED!!!! This should go VIRAL! But on a good note Canes are in the Championship Game. Go Canes!!!  

At least his team got into the championship. You know when something like this happens you try to hit the record button as fast as possible. Everyone always has that viral video feel when a coach attacks with a bat. Alcohol always seems to have something to do with it.