Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce did an interview with Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio on Wednesday.  During the conversation, he was asked about the situation with his teammate Tyreek Hill.

Kelce said he had no comment on Hill’s child abuse case, then gave a brief comment before reiterating that he had no comment. 

Florio then asked him about whether or not the team thinks Hill will ever be back with them.  Kelce admitted that nobody knows what’s going on and whether Hill returns or not is “still up in the air.”

Via Pro Football Talk:

“I would just like to stay out of it,” Kelce initially said. “Not necessarily stay out of it. I just have no comment on it. It’s definitely an unfortunate situation to even be in, and obviously from an outsider’s perspective you just wish the best for everyone and hope that it turns out OK. At this point, I’m just not gonna comment on it.”

Kelce then was asked whether there’s a sense among the players that he simply won’t ever be back with the team.

“I think it’s still up in the air,” Kelce said. “I don’t know, nobody knows exactly what’s going on.”

It’s good to see child abuse doesn’t automatically lead to you being cut from your team in the NFL, even with audio of you threatening your fiancee, who admitted to covering for you.  Who says nice guys finish last?

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