Everyone will agree that internet gambling is a terrific entertainment with a million audience. According to ESPN, gambling is allowed in 40+ countries. The government of these states realized that nothing can stop the development of this industry. Probably no one will even try to stop it, because it is an excellent income for everyone. But at the same time, the sphere of online casinos is a complex phenomenon, because it often changes its format. Many players remember the era of real casinos, but the situation has changed and now, such entertainment is always available on the Internet. In addition, it provides many advantages for players. In a word, online gambling depends on trends. Let’s look at the main ones and find out how iGaming sphere will look like in the future!

The changing priorities of gamblers

Now, we are seeing how format of the iGaming market is changing too fast. It used to be available only on computers, but mobile platforms are developing and this is the main thing that will always affect the gambling industry. Every modern gamer has at least one gadget. Providers know this, so they release game models adapted for smartphones and tablets.

VR technology

Most of the players began to study these technologies in 2016. Today, it has gained a lot of success in the field of virtual games and is gradually gaining igaming market. This phenomenon has been used by several companies, like Microgaming. In addition, several popular casino brands, including Slots Million, said that they are going to implement this technology as quickly as possible. Such games will give users new features. Now, they completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the game.

Do not forget that the VR market is young and it has great prospects in the future. As a result, its impact on the virtual casino industry is obvious!

The number of female gamblers

BBC resource claims that the number of female gamblers is rapidly increasing. Virtual gambling has always been associated with men, but this trend is changing today, the female audience includes thousands of players. In addition, there are virtual casinos intended only for a female audience. As a rule, this category of players consists of women under 35. According to the UKGC, the percentage of such players reaches 49.2% in England. In America, this figure is less (about 40%). Thus, we can say that this is another trend, because casino brands are guided by all categories of players.

Payment by debit/credit card

It is no secret that virtual gambling has many problems with representatives of different countries. Their governments legalize offline casinos, but at the same time, they made restrictions on online gambling halls. However, no one can prohibit or block online gambling completely. Gamers can visit foreign portals and enjoy their favorite games. In this case, they will conduct transactions through debit / credit cards and no government is trying to deal with it.

Digital Currency

Cryptocurrency is the money of a new generation. Five years ago, no one could say that it will acquire such value and popularity. But today, this is reality and digital coins play an important role in all areas of the virtual world. Obviously, it has an impact on the gambling industry, where some gaming portals offer this type of banknotes. Of course, online casino operators accept new rules, because they have no choice. But we do not know how bitcoin will develop in the future and what impact it will have on iGaming.

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The sphere of game halls is characterized by great competition. New providers appear regularly and each of them wants to become popular and successful. As a result, they are trying to release as many slot machines as possible. This trend appeared on the gambling market at the end of 2017 and today, it is actively developing. We can not yet say whether it has a positive effect or not. But some players find it difficult to choose one game out of the thousand proposed.

Long-term perspectives

Experts say that internet gambling has excellent prospects. So, it will cost $ 60- $ 65 billion by 2021. For this reason, we can observe the symbiosis of companies. Different providers and even some brands of virtual casinos are combined to achieve the best results. Moreover, it helps them to confront competitors.

Skill based games

In early 2019, games where winning does not depend on fortune have become a new trend. In such gaming models, the result of the round depends only on your skills and thinking. At the end of 2018, several manufacturers said they would hold several releases of similar games during 2019. Such models combined a standard game and an additional set of strategies. By the way, the player responded positively to this news.

Old-school slot machines

Who said that fruit slots are immortal, but at the moment we see that this trend goes into oblivion. The developers understand that these video slots can not be competitors for modern emulators with advanced graphics, original scenes and new types of bonus options. Yes, they release such models, but they are not becoming as popular as 2 years ago.

In order to find a place in the gambling arena and become popular, manufacturers and gaming halls follow the trends which change iGaming industry. We looked at the main ones and, as you can see, the iGaming industry is still unpredictable.