Game 1 of the NBA Finals ended with some fireworks.  With 2.6 seconds left on the clock and the game in hand, Cavs big man Tristan Thompson fouled Warriors guard Shaun Livingston and was ejected from the game for the foul.

As Thompson was making his way off of the floor he decided to get his money’s worth and smacked Draymond Green across the face with the ball.  

The two teams would do a little pushing and shoving, but no real punches were thrown.  Green was ejected from the game for his part in provoking Thompson.

I bet smacking Green in the face with the ball felt really good.  Unfortunately for the Cavs it probably will lead to a suspension of Thompson.

During his postgame interview, Thompson made it clear he thought the last second shot by Livingston was bullshit.  He’s not wrong and so was his ejection.

This is how it’s done Charles Barkley.  You want to punch Green in the face and the first opportunity you get to do so, you do so.

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