Cleveland Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson’s first son, Prince, the one he shares with Jordy Craig, celebrated his second birthday today, and it looks like the Cavaliers’ forward was not there for the special day. 

Jordy Craig, posted a video of the 2-year-old to her Instagram story.

In the video, little Prince sings and dances while waving a lollipop in the air.

Pictures of Prince and Jordy were posted to the Shade Room as well, and Tristan was getting ripped apart for being a dead beat dad. 

After that went down, a few hours later Tristan posted his own IG message to his son. 

We received a tip, the reason behind the delay on his son’s birthday post, was due to the fact Tristan needs to first get permission from Jordy before he posts any pictures of their son.

If true, that sounds like a very over protective mother. 

Check out more pics of Tristan’s baby mama Jordy below: 

Tristan better play nice with Jordy, or he may never be allowed to post another picture of his son. 

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