Cleveland Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson is up to his neck in sex tapes. Tristan and the mother of his first child, Jordan Craig, reportedly made a sex tape that was almost released to the public after he began dating Khloé. 

There’s also that other girl who came forward a few days ago saying she has a sex tape with Tristan as well. So basically not a great week for Khloe’s soon to be Baby Daddy. Here are more details about his latest sex tape with his ex. 

According to The Blast: 

A sex tape featuring Tristan Thompson and a woman who is not Khloé Kardashian was going to be released until someone stepped in before it became public.

According to our sources, the video surfaced in November of 2017 and was pitched to the media. We’re told the video featured Thompson with Jordyn Craig, the mother of his first child and the woman he was dating before Kardashian.

This is NOT the tape that was allegedly posted on Instagram on Tuesday and still may have proven to be a fake.

The video (which was believed to be from 2016) was allegedly stolen from Craig’s cell phone when she took it to a store for service. When Craig became aware the video could be made public, she worked with a Los Angeles attorney to secure the video and destroy it.

Our sources say Thompson was aware of the situation, but he was not directly involved in the ordeal.

It is unclear if Khloé knew about any of this.

As The Blast previously reported, Khloé — who is pregnant and could give birth any day now — has been leaning heavily on her family ever since photos and videos surfaced showing Thompson with other women.

The sad part about this whole story is Khloe will probably have a very difficult time breaking it off. It took her years to wean off of Lamar. She needs to stop dating athletes, period.