According to reports, Cavs big man Tristan Thompson was spotted leaving the club with a couple of women after a boys night out at the club on Wednesday night.  This comes after news that his baby momma Khloe Kardashian was moving back to Cleveland with him.

Via MTO:

Tristan Thompson has allegedly been caught “creeping” out on Khloe again, according to online reports. Tristan initially went to the club as part of a boys’ night out on Wednesday night. But quickly, the boys night out . . . turned into a “thot-fest.”

Video cameras filmed Tristan entering a Hollywood nightclub with his entourage, all males.

But when Tristan was spotted leaving the club two hours later, his crew had grown by two,. Two pretty White girls exited the club just ahead of Tristan, but they were clearly part of his crew.

Now these women could have been with some of his boys, but given his history they could also very easily have left with Tristan.  At this point he should know that he can’t be seen leaving a club with any women within 1000 feet of him.  We’ll let him and Khloe sort this one out.