Looks like Cleveland Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson didn’t want his #1 baby mama dating around while he was enjoying his time with Khloe Kardashian. 

That’s if you believe this report. 

Via RadarOnline.com:  

Jordan Craig, claimed he gave her more than $100,000 not to date other men — even though he was already dating Kardashian at the time!

In her January 31, 2019 child support battle deposition only obtained by Radar, Craig, 27, testified Thompson, 28, gave her $112,000 soon after she purchased her Los Angeles home in November 2017.

When asked by Thompson’s attorney, Peter Lauzon, why she believes her baby daddy gave her that money, Craig replied, “Well, if we really want to put this on here, that was part of a bribe.”

When pressed further by Lauzon about the alleged bribe, Craig said in her deposition, “That he [Thompson] would help me if I wasn’t, like, dating anybody or talking to anybody, and that I would have to come see him.”

You can check out some pics of Jordy below: 

When asked what she did with the money and whether she accepted a bribe, Craig said she did so for her son’s sake and to also pay loans to her mother and sister, who helped her with the financing for her home.

Hard to say no to that kind of money. 

Tristan Thompson is a real piece of work.  

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