Cowboys great Troy Aikman was asked about Dez Bryant’s release.  He called it a business decision while acknowledging the Cowboys don’t currently have Bryant’s Replacement on the roster.

“It’s hard, when it comes down to the business side of it. I was a casualty of the business side of it. It’s never easy, it’s not easy for Jerry Jones, it’s not easy for this organization. These are the hard things that have to happen. Then you’ve got to go forward, and you’ve got to find… ‘well, OK, who is going to be the guy who fills his shoes?’ I don’t think that guy is on the roster, right now. Maybe that gets addressed in the draft. It probably will, but they’ll have to find a way then to replace what has been a pretty productive player.”

It’s hard to argue with that.  But Dak Prescott couldn’t get Dez the ball anyway.  So at the end of the day, not having his replacement won’t hurt the Cowboys that much.