During winter, some people stay cooped up inside their house. Instead of enjoying what the season has to offer, they chill by the fireplace and watch shows on Netflix (or whatever is good on cable).

If you’re the type of person who just stays at home during the cold season, you’ll want to reconsider. Enjoying the outdoors, even when the temperature is cold, is an excellent way to squeeze in some exercise and keep your spirits high.

If you’re unsure what to do outside your house, consider taking up winter sports to keep your mind off the cold.

Here are some sports activities that you can give a shot once the cold season rolls in:

  1. Skiing

This winter sports activity offers an adrenalin rush at all ability levels.

If you’re a newbie at this sport, you may find that just putting on the skis can be a fun challenge. When you begin to glide and attempt to make your first turn correctly, your adrenalin will be pumping for sure.

If you plan to ski at a winter resort, don’t forget to wear a helmet and make sure that your gear fits properly. Also, consider investing in high-quality winter clothing, such as an Obermeyer ski jacket, to stay warm and comfortable, as well as look good on the slopes.

When skiing for the first time, don’t learn this winter sport all by yourself. Get a skilled friend, family member or a qualified instructor to teach you the basics.

  1. Ice Boating

This winter sport is similar to sailing, except that your boat comes fitted with skis designed to run over ice. Slick and flat ice is easier to navigate than rolling waves. This means that you can achieve serious speed in this winter sport.

Are you looking to give this winter sport a shot? Head to Poland, the largest ice boating destination in the world. Then, make your way to the lake district of Mazury, with its furious winter winds and sprawling frozen reservoirs.

Although this activity may not be accessible (or affordable if you’re coming from overseas), it is thrilling. If you have a nice boat, you could achieve speeds of up to 140 miles an hour.

  1. Biathlon

This is a grueling winter sport activity, so make sure that you are both physically and mentally up for the challenge. The Olympic Biathlon combines rifle shooting with cross-country skiing. This requires a mix of psychological precision and physical endurance.

You can look at biathlon as a long-distance race. When you miss your shots, you can expect time added to your clock. The real challenge, though, is keeping your beating heart still, so that you can hit your targets accurately.

If you’re interested in this winter sport activity, you’ll find plenty of target shooting and cross-country skiing clubs to begin practicing. Although biathlon is predominantly a winter sport, training happens throughout the year with roller skis and tarmac, specifically on cycle tracks. Getting involved, therefore, isn’t as tricky as you’d think.

  1. Fat Biking

If you think the snow will get in the way of good old-fashioned biking, think again. When you equip your bicycle with the right tires, you can traverse winter terrains with ease.

Fat biking, which originated in the United States as a reaction to the harsh landscapes of Alaska, has become immensely popular in Europe. It’s a means of exploring mountain cycling trails that are typically not accessible during winter.

Winter fat bike tours will allow you to explore snow-capped bicycle trails. One fat biking destination you can check out is Tuscany. This is anidyllic place where you wind through beautiful villages, past old castles and into breathtaking valleys.

  1. Curling

This strange by satisfying winter sport involves one team member sliding big stones toward a target. The others sweep the path in front of the moving object with brooms like intense housekeepers. Curling has a lot of tactical nuance going on with arcs, angles and friction.

  1. Dog Sledding

This ancient practice relies on an energetic pack of huskies pulling sleds through a winter landscape. Dog sled racing is a popular sport in the Arctic Regions of Europe and America. Teams participating in this activity compete in pulling their dog driver called “masher” the fastest.

The great thing about dog sledding is that you get to experience nature (along with all the wonders it has to offer) up close and personal.

If you have nothing better to do during winter, don’t stay at home and watch TV. Get out of your house, work out your body and participate in one of these winter sports activities.