Via Cincinnati Enquirer:

“Yeah, the turf was terrible,” Boyd told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “The turf was terrible. I couldn’t run any routes out there. I’m falling all over the ground. It was bad. It was rocks, pebbles out there. Man, it was somewhere we shouldn’t have been. I’m not trying to say any excuses, but it is what it is.”

However, Bengals coach Zac Taylor didn’t blame the turf for his star receiver’s injury.

“We had no issues with the field when we got out there. We just kept it at a limited practice. We were out there for an hour and the field didn’t cause any injuries’” Taylor said. “We had one guy who fell down (A.J. Green) and landed on his ankle funny and that’s the extent of it.”

It’s a shame the Bengals just lost their best player over the condition of their practice field. 

Such a Bengals move. 

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