The rules of the game of handball are in many ways similar to the rules of other team sports – mini-football, basketball. Therefore, the most common markets are:

  • Event outcome (1×2);
  • Individual total of teams (over / under);
  • Total total of the match and individual halves (over / under);
  • Minus and plus odds;
  • Victory by goal difference;
  • Most productive half.

The list of the most status events includes bets on the individual statistics of the leading players, as well as bets on the exact score of the match.

Online handball betting (live)

Experienced bettors prefer to bet on handball matches in real time. In addition, the list of Live events in bookmakers is usually variable.

Especially popular are the predictions for the total (both general and team) and the outcome of the match (if the chances of the opponents are approximately equal).

Event selection and analysis

When choosing a handball match to place a bet at Mostbet tr, one usually looks at the number of markets on offer. The higher the status of the event, the richer the painting. In addition, it is easier to predict the results of matches with the participation of strong teams – if not by outcome, then by handicap and total.

Choosing a strategy

Handball betting strategy is the foundation of successful betting.

Choosing a strategic plan, you should understand that even the most effective will not guarantee a win. And the best approach to sports betting is high-quality pre-match analysis combined with the study of statistics.

What can you lose

Bad bets can happen in all games and events, and handball is no exception. This sport is quite contact and traumatic, therefore, when predicting in Prematch, it is necessary to analyze the team lineups and view the lists of injured players. The absence of a leader on the court can radically change the balance of power in the game.

When making bets in Live, the injury factor can also play a decisive role.

An injury to the scoring leader will not only reduce his team’s chances of success, but will also change the quotes to individual and total total.

Another common cause of failure is overestimating motivation. Busy game schedules often force teams to take a “breather” in order to maintain optimal conditions for decisive games. That is why it is worth carefully studying the tournament calendar.

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