Tyson Fury will be played by screen icon Denzel Washington if the heavyweight boxing champion can persuade film bosses during talks about a film version of his life.

Fury believes his unmistakable gravelly voice could be a challenge for the “Hollywood directors” he claims to be in discussions with over a biopic of his remarkable life inside and outside the ring, adding that his favored actor for the part will be recreating the deep sound of a throat damaged by years of fighting.

Screen great Washington has portrayed the likes of Malcolm X during an acting career as glittering as Fury’s has been between the ropes, but the first heavyweight in history to have held five titles at once believes the two-time Golden Globe winner will require all of his versatility to play him on the big screen.

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“I’ve got a movie coming,” Fury explained to BT Sport.

“I’m in talks with Hollywood directors now for the Tyson Fury life story. They asked, ‘Who would you want to play you?’ I said, ‘Obviously Denzel.’

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