UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes has been slapped with a restraining order by his wife following accusations of domestic assault involving the former welterweight world champion.

Hughes has been ordered to stay at least 500ft away from his wife Audra and their children.

The UFC legend’s wife claims Hughes has physically assaulted her on a number of occasions since 2017 and even threatened to shoot her.

Hughes cheated death when a train hit his truck and left the former UFC star with serious brain trauma.

And it is since that accident that Hughes’ alleged issues began to surface.

Just a few months after the incident Audra said Hugues manhandled her in the shower and, after she refused to give him the keys to his truck, he snapped.

Audra explained that Hughes started choking her and, after she refused his request to give him the keys to his gun vault, he allegedly choked her again and started smashing her head against the wall, shouting: “This is what choking is!”

Hughes’ wife also alleged that after she accused him of “communicating with multiple women” in July 2018 Hughes explicitly threatened to shoot her, saying:

And she alleged that as recently as December 2018 Hughes struck her in front of their son, daughter and her step-father after she accused him of sending text messages to other women.

In addition to the restraining order served to protect Audra and the couple’s children, Hughes has also been served a further restraining order keeping him away from his brother Mark and his family following an incident where Hughes allegedly roughed up Mark’s 15-year-old son in a dispute over a tractor.

The situation escalated when Hughes later doused the tractor in gasoline in an apparent attempt to destroy the vehicle.

Pretty sad. 

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