“Yeah, I am, just because of Conor punching that old man on the bar stool,” he said.

“That was not respectful, man. And the guy got charged like a thousand dollars or something s**t like that. That is just baloney. Karma’s a b*tch, and it always bites everyone in the ass at the end of the day, and it always comes around, man.”

“Like I said, it ain’t nothing that I don’t like Conor. I like Conor, I think he’s an amazing guy,” he said.

“I just think that that wasn’t something you should do ever as a human being – not even just let alone a pro fighter, just as a human being in general. You always should respect your elders, and that’s always the right thing to do.”

McGregor lost a lot of supporters with that punch in the pub. 

All it will take is one win and everyone will jump back on the bandwagon. . 

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