Former The Ultimate Fighter star Bryce Mitchell is set to make the second appearance of his UFC career following a long injury layoff after he ripped his scrotum with a power drill during a DIY day that went badly wrong.

Brazilian jiu jitsu fighter Mitchell admitted he’d been asked about the incident and his recovery a lot in the lead-up to his fight with Bobby Moffett at UFC Fight Night in Nashville, Tennessee, this weekend.

“People have been drilling me with that question,” joked Mitchell during a pre-fight interview with MMA Junkie.

“I wish I could forget about it [and] live it down. The worst part about it is I know people at the hospital. The girl who stitched my nuts up is my buddy’s wife. They keep those rooms cold, so I ain’t ever gonna hear the end of that sh*t.

“And my ex-girlfriend’s sister worked at the hospital, so I know her. I could hear people talking behind the doors while I was getting stitched up. Literally, the nurses were all laughing at me. It was one of the worst experiences ever.

“I don’t mind talking about it because I deserve to be made fun of – I really am that stupid. I didn’t have a tool belt – I put the drill in my pants. But I was in a rush.

“The healing process was disgusting. My nuts were all ripped.”

But despite his self-deprecating humor, Mitchell says the situation was an incredibly serious one at the time.

Mitchell received a little extra endorsement money during his injury layoff, thanks to a brief and small contribution by an underwear company.

“I think people are always going to talk sh*t about it,” he said.

“I guess I can’t blame them. Maybe some people will forget about it. Probably not, though!”

But now, after making a full recovery, he’s ready to jump back into the octagon and compete again.