The fallout from Colby Covington’s confrontation with Kamaru Usman’s team in Las Vegas has continued, with the fighter accusing Ali Abdelaziz of threatening to kill him.

While Covington appears to want to resolve matters with Usman through a fight, he had a bigger issue with the newly-crowned UFC champion’s manager Abdelaziz, who he accused of issuing threats on his life during the incident.  

“That terrorist rat should get deported back to whatever country he snitched on,” said Covington.”He shouldn’t even be allowed in this country for all the s*** he does. He’s over there, trying to take swings at professional fighters.”You know what else he told me?

He told me he was going to track me down and shoot me and kill me. He said that to me. I swear to God, on my life. I have witnesses that heard him say that.”

Covington is expected to face Usman for the welterweight title later in the year.

This is how you promote a fight. 

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